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Meal combining and Diets

I’ve been reading T-mag now and have been very interested in the Nutrition articles. I must say that the nutrition articles are really well thought out. OOk enough sycophantic (sp?) arse kissing, more to the point
i’ve read the diet manifesto and FAQ and after my first post started the T-Dawg Diet. Great results on the whole but i’m an amateur Kick/Thai boxer and although i still wanna get rid of the stuborn fat pockets + im looking to step up my training a gear or two, i need energy to train. I posted a thread on this and someone replied with the dont diet diet approach so i read about massive eating and the don’t diet approach and it makes sense (for me that would mean adding an extra carb meal or two and having the meals after training P+F)
My question is this, my training finishes at 9.30pm. I aim to get some protein and Glucose (25p, 50Carbs) at this point and an hour later having a propper meal but is this too soon to have P+F and is it too late to have a low GI P+C meal?
Should I Just eat a P meal or make the shake the last meal of the day?
Sorry if I keep ranting on I just want a six pack :wink:
4 weeks on T Dawg and I have a decent looking 4 pack now :smiley:

My diet looks like this by the way:

Am Cardio and Plyometrics

  1. Whey Protein or Cottage Cheese
    1 Serving of Oats

  2. Chicken or Tuna with Low Fat Mayo
    2 Slices of Flax Bread (total 25 gm carbs)

  3. Whey Protein + 1 tbsp Flax Oil

Workout (Training or Weights)

  1. Glucose + Whey

  2. Chicken breast or salmon grilled
    Salad and Green Veggies

  3. Protein Shake + Fish Oil Caps (if not eaten Salmon) and multi vits

I have a free day once a week but i keep my calories pretty consistent for the most part (had a bad binge afew weeks ago boo!)

Anyway does this look ok?

My meal plan looks like this and has worked tremendous for me. What has produced excellent results for me is that once I find something optimal I stuck with it and bam no problems. So, figuere it out and stick with it, in the long run you’ll love yourself for it. Check this out:

1st meal - P+C(50c,50p,5f)
2nd meal - p+F(10c, 50p,20f)
3rd meal - p+f (muscle-milk shake 12c(2g fiber),32p, 18f)
4th meal - Post-workout (20p,40c)
5th meal - P+C (100-180g carbs., 50-60g protein)

Basically I aim for 275g C, 225g P, 70g F

I’ve been following this for quite some time now and it has worked perfect. My high carb meal usually consists of pasta as it’s one of my perfect/favorite dishes. My protein+fat meals always contain greens (broccolii, spinach, or green beans) My morning P+c meal is usually oats with fruit and protein powder. Somtimes for dinner I’ll have a couple of tuna sandwiches with an apple or a nice tasting fruit smoothie type shake. The only area where I need work on is eating in the morning, I just can’t as it’s been so long since Ive had breakfast at the time to. I just feel bloated and gross if I do. My first meal is usually around 11am. Then every two hours I have a meal, but nothing for about 2.5-2 hours before training. Then I consume my PW food, then my big Carb meal.

Well, nutrition is a huge part of life as Tampa-Terry helped me realize this (thanks TT), so Im trying to help out as much as I can which is why I went to this length for you.

Da boxer

The P+C meal after your training shouldn’t hurt you at all as long as it is low GI. I usually train at 7:30pm and take surge right after and it has not affected my fat loss at all. John Berardi has said that skipping carbs after your workout will hurt your fat loss more than it will help it. Some people use loads of BCAA’s and glutamine instead of a surge type drink while dieting. But I have never tried this.

Boxer Al that’s sweet thanks for the info. I’m only a little guy
i’m 5’8 and 135lbs but i wanna go up a weight class, the reason im so low now is cos my stupid manager wanted me to fight in a ridiculously low weight class. I would always feel drained and weak and would have to diet like a monk before a fight so u know what i did, i told him to piss off :smiley:

best thing i’ve ever done (ok i put my chances of professional fighting on ice for a bit but i’ll bounce back)

Anyway JB spoke of two different ways to eat. I cant remember of hand the names (one was staggered) but your approach seems to be the one where you split them but not necessarily eat them like P+C P+C P+C P+F P+F P+F and it’s wrked for you that’s great :slight_smile:
I am trying the above, maybe i should switch it a bit to see if it helps (gear my carbs more around my workouts)

Anway thanks for the insight.

T-MAG Rocks!

Also just out of interest on Dont diet diet/massive eating do you refeed at weekends or have a cheat meal?

Boxer Al do you refeed or cheat?

Dark Assassin,

Im not much bigger than you are amigo. Im only 5’6" at 147lbs., I fight at the middle welterweight position. Anyways, the calorie count I suggested is on the low end by the way, I usually get around 3,000 to 3,300 calories a day. I usually much on something little in between (nuts, protein bars, raw turkey). So, the calorie count for you should not be much different. Good choice, your 5’8" which makes you a skinny dude bro, so hell yeah move up weight, add some t-muscle bro.

Da Boxer

oh hell yeah, starting on friday nights I eat whatever the hell I want all the way to sunday night. this weekend I had some waffles at the waffle house, nice size steak w/potatoes chips and chili cheese dip, cookies, pizza, DQ blizzard shake. It’s the usual for me though so it never really puts anything on me. But in short, YES I CHEAT MY ASS OFF.

Da Boxer

so are you ripped then? :wink: