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Meal Building Software?

Does anyone know if such a product exists?

What I’m hoping for is something that I can plug in some numbers and it will build me up a meal. Something simple, where I could just basically say “ok, make me a meal with 35g of Protein, 50g carbs, 10g fat…go” and it would spit out some possibilities? If you could add your own foods/nutritional values that would be even better.

Every piece of software I could find doing some Google searches seemed to be tied into some system of eating (atkins, etc) rather than just giving me what I want.



the one i use is calorieking.com you just put in what you eat and you can plan your day out but as far as telling it you want a certian mix im not sure.

I made “pimp my meal” ,it’s pretty basic,but could be useful ,just enter the amount of food (in terms of fats/carbs/proteins) and it will show the calories


it also has other features