Meal before sleep

Last week there was a post about pre-sleep meals. Cottage cheese was mentioned as a good choice. Someone brought up the point (I think it was BigRob) that if you were taking ZMA wouldn’t the calcium in cottage cheese hinder absorbtion. The post was removed before this question was answered.

I don’t think the post was removed, it just “fell off the end”. Anyway, the calcium thing is correct. The solution is to simply take your ZMA between the last two meals of the day.

Take it sometime after you sencond to last meal, will work just as well.

The Nature of my thread was alittle different but I appreciate bringing it up again. I think I’ll post a new message to be sure that Chris, JMB and everyone else ways in. Peace.

Chris and Alpha, thanks for the help. BigRob, thanks for posting your origanal question again.