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Meal Before Early Morning Workout?


I started the Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Program by CW about a week ago and really like it.
I also have started working out in the morning (5:15am) before I go to work.

My question is in regards to "meals" before the workout? Currently I wake up about 4:45am. I have a cup of coffee, bottle of water, and either a myoplex or Metabolic Drive bar then off to the gym i go. Is this enough? Should I be concerned about anything?

I have just been judging by what my body says, and so far during the workouts I feel fine, I don't feel hungry, I have enough energry, etc...


A mix of carbohydrate and protein is fine, the Metabolic Drive bars are perfect in that respect. Just make sure that you eat something, that is most important.


i agree w/ zagman-- just something in the morning is best. i eat rice cakes w/ nutella before my morning cardio… (i cant eat wheat and yeah its not the healthiest but i’m young)


I’ve been happy with Berardi’s recommendations on this. Basically, he recommends additional carbs pre-workout, in addition to Surge pre and during. See link below.


Thanks for the Link that helps a lot and since I already have Surge I will mix that in the morning.


I work out in the morning a couple days a week and I’ll blend a quick shake just to have something before the gym. Usually it’ll be a scoop of protein, some oats and some frozen fruit. Then like a 1/2 hour later on my way to the gym I start sipping my peri-workout Surge. . . works for me.



I have been happy with a scoop of whey in water and a spoonful of apricot jam. I start Surge halfway through my workout.


Half a cup of oatmeal with some honey over it after its cooled off, and sip on 1 scoop of whey mixed with water…seems to work wonders…solid carbs to keep you fueled throughout your workout and just enough protein to get you through the workout…every friday i do deadlifts/back at 740AM…its the only day i do anythin this early, and its also one of my most demanding of workouts, and that small meal works perfect


Pre-workout Surge is the most anabolic thing we can do. I can’t recommend it enough.


[quote]David Barr wrote:
Pre-workout Surge is the most anabolic thing we can do. I can’t recommend it enough.[/quote]

I wonder if I can pop some BCAAs right when I wake up and then simply start sipping Surge on my way out the door and on the way to the gym? I read something similar to that in Scrawny to Brawny if you workout early in the a.m.