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Meal Before and After My Job


hi, i have a question regaurding what i should eat before and after my part time job. firstly, im 5 feet 7 inches, 122 pounds, male, obviously trying to gain more muscle, and my job involves restoking shelves at a supermarket, starting at around 8 pm through to midnight or later.

Lately ive been havin just a shake around half an our into my shift consisting of some carbs and proteing, such as a cup of milk blended with some bran cereal, then when i get home i have another cup of milk with 1 to 2 eggs, or tin of tuna.

Would this be adequet? I presume that a job such as this one would consume alot of calories due to heavy lifting etc, so i dont know if i should focus more on carbs or protein before i start my shift? thanks


God forbid you eat a hamburger.


i would suggest a big slab of slow digesting meat with veggies and some olive oil. couple of hours into work down a protein shake. best of luck



Actually, its a little known fact, but God did indeed forbid that he eat a hamburger. He straight up said " Thou shalt not consume hamburger". I know, wild huh.


Alot. It doesn't matter what. Just eat.


Not weird at all, I asked God to do that so that it leaves more hamburgers for me when I need the cals.