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meal after post workout drink

Hi. I’m supposed to eat a meal 1 hour after I drink my post workout Surge. Does that means exactly 1 hour, or “at most 1 hour after”?? Could I take that meal 30 minutes after, or 15 minutes after the post workout drink?? Thanks for your help.

Right about 60 min is good timing, but anywhere between 30 - 90 min post workout should really be fine.

The anabolic window supposedly lasts 90 minutes after your last rep. Eat twice in this time period (first time being Surge).

Its best to wait at least the 30 minutes minimum after the Surge before you take in a solid meal so that the Surge has time to digest and be absored into the blood stream. If you follow the Surge to quickly with solid food, the solid food will slow down the absorbtion of the surge and you won’t get the protein synthesis promoting insulin spike from the surge as intended. Waiting 30 min should be about the minimum time to digest the surge and 45-60 min would be better.