Meal after cardio

Hey guys. I going to perform cardio two times per week on an empty stomach. I also throw 2 caps of MD6 30 mins before session. Question is When should I eat my breakfast?? right after session or wait an hour (as Åkerfeldt said in Supplement Review ) Thanks

What the hell are you doing cardio on an empty stomach for anyway? Do you enjoy going into catabolism and burning up all your hard earned muscle? It’s obvious you’re not a real T-MAN, get a clue, some information, and get rid of the supplement review before you post again.

No need to be an asshole. If you’re not going to provide the guy with a decent answer and only put him down then shut the fuck up. Everyone is hear to learn, or at least they should be. I’m sick of people being condesending. The guy is asking advice, nothing more. Grow the fuck up and maybe next time provide a decent answer. (That being said, I’m afraid I don’t have a decent answer. Someone will help you out though.)

Check the current (issue 138) Reader Mail section for my thoughts on morning cardio. Short version: I think it’s catabolic for most people not using gear.

I followed the same protocol. Mauro Di Pasquale, I believe, also recommends waiting an hour or so before eating, and that guy seems to know a thing or two. I never lost fat so quickly before in my life. I lost minimal muscle if any at all and had increased energy during the day AND I foolishly did the cardio 4 days per week, 45 minutes at a time. It’s a bitch waking up early in the morning though. Now i skip the cardio and simply eat less and sleep more. Results are pretty similar without the cardio overload…just my 2 cents

Mickey: I personally try to wait 30 to 60 minutes unless I feel ravenous then I eat/drink right away. My rationale is based on the fact that there is a higher circulating glucagon concentration in the blood after a prolonged fast (sleep) and cardiovascular exercise. Upon cessation of exercise you could immediately reload your glucose stores (and shoot insulin levels up) but why not exploit a hormonally favorable situation for lipolysis a little longer. After the hour, reload with a highly digestible meal (MRP). As a side note, consider taking a small amount of whey with water with your MD6 to offset the catabolic effects Chris mentioned. It should not increase your insulin too much and may help you perform better. I hate doing Cardio on a full stomach but the whey moves through my stomach pretty quickly. My experience has been that the lipolytic effects of morning CV outweigh the catabolic effects when in a cutting phase of training.

Thanks for starting a conversation on this–I’ve been wondering the same thing, too! It seems that the main variable here isn’t so much cardio on an empty stomach as it is cardio on a stomach without carbs (therefore, avoiding the pointless dummyloop of reburning the same carb supply over and over). And I want to do some cardio just for heart health, and for the psychological recovery of an occasional calorie excess. Given that, would cardio be advantageous if it were done in a condition bereft of carbs, but still buffered with protein or flax oil to protect muscle?

I personally don’t have a problem with morning cardio, as long as the volume is low and infrequent (no more than twice per week) and particularly if that’s the only time you can get it in. It may slightly hamper your gains in muscle over the short term, but if you’re doing the cardio in the morning and taking MD6 I would suspect you’re in a cutting phase right now, not a bulking phase. As such, you should be concerned with muscle preservation rather than gain…

I'll say also that a lot of words get thrown around like "catabolic" with no real support or meaning. And there really is no backing for the notion that jogging or riding the bike for twenty minutes in the morning will create some kind of "muscle burning." I'm not going to pretend to be a medical scholar in this regard, but I do have a lot of experience with this type of training. I was a competitive tennis player for 15 years, and for the last three I ran intervals and long distance for 45 minutes twice a week at 5:30 in the morning. During this period I made my most dramatic gains in muscle mass, as did my training and playing partners. Provided your calories are adequate and you're doing everything right (like sleeping enough), ocassional morning aerobics will not hurt your efforts, and I could make a strong case for them actually helping with muscle gains over the long term via the health benefits. Of course, this is only my opinion...

One last thing, about this “let’s only offer constructive help to people with no condescension.” In all my dealings over the internet, both on these types of boards and with clients whom I’ve never met face to face, I have found that the written word is often very much misinterpreted. People simply look at everything in the worst way. I’m not even sure, perhaps someone will think the above reply was “condescending” when in fact all I was trying to do was offer feedback and my opinion. Such was the case a little while ago when I offered Jeff some feedback and he took it the wrong way, then I really did get pissed because he started making snide remarks. That’s generally how it goes on the internet because of the lack of actual voice and hand gestures. In this case however, Matt’s comment was definitely not appropriate, I just wanted to clarify my opinion on the subject.

Hey Matt H I agree with some of the others when I say get a life. What is your deal the guy asked a question either answer it nicely or get lost. You are so obviously caught up in this whole “I AM A REAL T MAN” shit dude the whole thing is just a fun thing I really don’t think you are suppose to take it so seriously that you start insulting every guy who might have a different approach than yours and as for being a REAL T MAN to me a real T MAN can do it all. Thats right that means having a career, a relationship or family and by the way be smart enough to be the right woman so you don’t want to cheat, you get big, eat a ton of protein and you DO CARDIO. Nothing about cardio is bad as long as its in moderation. Anyone doing 30-45min a couple of times a week in the morning is doing what is needed by most people to drop some bodyfat. So he waits a little while after he does his cardio maybe 45-60 minutes and then he should consume a big serving of protein. I am sure TC would want him to use GROW maybe a double serving but the point is as long as he takes in a lot of protein on a frequent basis throughout the day what little and temporary increase in cortisol will take place won’t hurt him at all and that IS THE FACT AND ITS THE TRUTH not an opinion. So kid keep doing your cardio and to Matt H get some self esteem and stop ripping into people for unwarranted reasons.

Ah Doug, you still can’t drop it. I agree with you that people usually take things in the worst way on the internet, and I have no doubt that you and I would probably come to a point of agreement in about 5 minutes if we were talking in person…or be trying to beat each other to death, but either way the problem would be solved :slight_smile: The thing is that you said people tend to take things the worst way, and in the next sentence you said I made snide remarks. Isn’t it possible you took my remarks the wrong way and they were not as “snide” or “asinine” as you made them out to be? I think so.

I am in not saying you're the bad guy. I'm saying we're BOTH the bad guy. So, to solve this little tiff, I propose a race around the world. Please settle all family business you have (as neither one of us may make it back) so we can settle this all as soon as possible.

Yup, you’re right… I am officially a hypocrit. I just did the exact same thing I said you did. So yeah, we’re both assholes!

I guess I did feel kind of insulted at the nature of your question given that I’ve devoted a lot of time to research and application of that particular training variable, along with tackling what I felt was the most in depth article on tempo ever written.

As for your race around the world… ha!!! You’re dead sucker, I’m the Forrest Gump of Testosterone magazine.

Cardio is not bad when cutting. But do short 5-15 minute high intensity seseions where you jog for 30 sec then sprint for 30 sec dont do it for longer than 8 weks before taking a litle time off and yes alaways wait an hour if you are triying to get cut. Alaways warm up for 2 minutes and cool down for 2 minutes. This is the samw cutting program that Shawn Phillips uses and for any one who has ever tired his bench press program than you know this guys programs aint no joke. Regardless of wether or not he is a real t-man or not he knows his shit and when it comes to building muscle every little bit of info helps.

Hey, Z, Shawn Phillips had “ab etching” liposuction.

When I cut up for the summer, I usually do a 10 minute high intensity, or 30- 40 minute 3.1 pace @ a 12.5 incline on the treadmill. I’ll do this about 3 times per week.

I do this first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach with 2 dymetadrine extreme, and 5 grams glutamine. I haven’t experienced any noticable muscle loss. I definetly do notice the diffeence with and without glutamine though. When cutting, I’ll take up to 30 grams per day. I’m definetly more full and solid when taking the glutamine.