Meal Advice for Fat Loss?

Hi everyone, first time posting and new to this website. I’m looking to get some advice on recipes/dishes that can give me what I’m looking for. I recently went from 280-240lbs in 6 months. I was on an on and off six day alternating workout with 3 days running 5k and 3 days strength training. For the last six months I reduced my caloric intake from 3k-3.5k (estimation) to roughly 2k a day. I’m looking to bump the cardio sessions up to a 10k 3 times a week with steady progression and kick the strength training into a higher gear. Basically I’m looking for a shopping list for some dishes that can help me achieve my goal of dropping 40 more lbs of fat and adding on 20 lbs of muscle. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

For 30 minutes and less than 10 bucks, this can give you a (working) week’s worth of lunches:

You’re probably already doing this… but just in case:

Ramp up your fruit and vegetable intake, big time. Whenever I diet, hunger is my primary obstacle. I’ve always found that the best way to combat hunger is by consuming large quantities of high-volume low-density foods, so as to keep full while maintaining a deficit.

You’re going to want to eat tons of bok choy, kale, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, asparagus, etc. Apples contribute about 15g of carbs to your diet, but I find them to be disproportionately satiating (15g of carbs from apple > 15g of carbs from rice).

Definitely stick to leaner protein sources too – more volume per ‘calorie spent’. A favorite low-calorie meal of mine is:
Shredded tuna, watercress, brown rice/quinoa blend, rosa tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, a touch of olive oil. Mix up in a bowl. Depending on your amounts, you can get a filling 400 calorie bowl of protein and carbs.

Also, lots of hot liquids. I find that a sugar free hot chocolate (some brands are < 40 calories per serving) goes a long way, and actually adds some helpful antioxidants and polyphenols to your day (cocoa is great stuff).

That chicken dish looks great, @strongmangoals - gonna try it.

I think ground turkey is a really easy and useful medium for meal prep as well.
Cook 3 pounds ground turkey, drain water and set aside. Sautée a whole white onion, some celery, some garlic, green/red peppers. Add the turkey back, cook for a bit with salt/pepper/Cajun seasoning. Make a ton of brown rice, mix with that, and have with plenty of hot sauce - if you can get a mango hot sauce (preferably with no corn syrup - hot sauce should be healthy), it’s delicious. Voila - dirty brown rice.

You can also make a turkey chili with a can of diced tomatoes, peppers, onion, chili powder, black beans, kidney beans, corn, salt and pepper, and have that with rice as well.

Besides that I always keep a ton of boiled eggs on deck. If you have an electric stove or a burner that stays hot after it’s turned off, you just fill a pot with eggs and water one inch above the eggs and put it on the stove on high heat. When it gets to a rolling boil you turn the heat off and set a timer for 8 minutes. As soon as it’s done transfer the eggs to a cold water bowl to stop the cooking. Gives the most perfect hard but slightly creamy yolks - none of that green shit. Add or subtract a minute for extra hardness/softness.

Also - cottage cheese, bro. With avocado spinach eggs and hot sauce in the morning? Yes.

Have you considered low carb? Works well if done right. I eat cottage cheese, almonds, spinach and protein shakes across the day. Small fruit pieces added to shakes. Then 2 main meals with protein plus some greens and mushrooms. Add flavour with salt, pepper, cream and butter. Eggs most days. Bacon a few times a week.

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It took me 6 months to get the workout schedule down and so that im in the habit while eating relatively healthily and I know I could go a lot further in eating better which is mostly what this is about I didn’t want to start with low carb right off the bat I figured that would probably be something I try further down the road. I do eat some fruit but not a lot, and same with vegetables. I try to stick to chicken and fish mostly but there are times where I just madly crave a tri tip or a nice pork chop. Also I’ve tried to stay away from protein shakes and supplements through out this process just to do it as naturally as I can.

everything you put in your response sounds amazing I will definitely be trying these out.

I find muscles recover faster with protein shakes. You could just eat 8 eggs a day but Id get sick of that.

Whey in liquid gets absorbed over 1.5 to 4 hours and protein from food over 3 to 6 hours (longer if you eat a lot of fat) so if you have a whey shake 1 hour before workout, straight after and then a protein meal 3 hrs later you get a steady stream of protein for 9 hours when the muscles most need it for growth.

Plus eating whey on off days fills you up and you are less tempted to eat junk.

For fat loss you must take food that are low in carbs. You have to eat meals like: boiled chicken , eggs. Cook all the food at your home, with vegetables are the must to eat. Avoid cooking oils with more cholesterol level in it. I am also on fat loss so I used to eat organic canned vegetables

Steak and eggs cooked in butter / thread

Cholesterol isn’t bad…

Cholesterol isn’t bad in the initial but after its long use, you started facing heart problems and other disfunctionals in the body which may ultimately lead to gaining fat.

You’ll find, on this site, folks will ask for references to support such statements. It’s not an attack; we just consider ourselves pretty learned meatheads.


And, just to be clear, because I now can’t help myself… I think there’s three major claims here:

  1. Dietary cholesterol impacts blood cholesterol
  2. Blood cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease (lowest hurdle)
  3. Adipose accumulation is predicated on heart health or other bodily function (high hurdle, so you can probably get away with theory on this one)

It’s also probably worth clarifying whether you’re talking total cholesterol or HDL/ LDL and your view on low carbs’ necessity for fat loss (earlier post).

Not being a jerk; just feeling clinical this morning.


eat fewer calories than you burn, daily, for a period of time.


If I don’t eat exactly these things, I won’t lose weight?


No. Its not the cholesterol.

For fat loss you can eat carbs. You don’t have to eat boiled chicken or eggs. You don’t have to cook all your food at home, and you don’t have to eat a lot of vegetables. You don’t have to avoid any particular oils, and you don’t ever have to eat an organic canned vegetable.

I eat lots of eggs, cook most of my food at home, eat a lot of veggies (including organic canned ones), and mostly use canola oil, so I’m not saying your post is full of bad ideas, just that it doesn’t really have anything to do with fat loss.

There are people out there doing the exact opposite of everything you wrote and losing fat at the same time.


long haul it is and so is red meat !!!

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Lol… Just no