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Meadows Wins Ohio State Overall


I'm sure there's coverage somewhere online, and John will write something here once he catches his breath, but I just found out he won the Overall at the Ohio State. Damn cool for a guy almost 40 who has been competing since his teen years.

Much respect.



Nice one John. Big respect from here too.... in sick shape, REGARDLESS OF AGE.

Also i've got a lot out of what you've written, so thanks for that. Enjoy it


thats awesome, the guy truly knows his stuff and loves what he does. Can't ask for a more deserving winner.


not like i know the guy personally but really happy for him, seems like a real genuine fella always willing to help and he works his freaking ass off in the gym so congrats John!


Nice. Congrats to John. Definitely deserves it..


Very good to hear. His articles are great and i respect his in the trenches training principles and outside the box training.


def deserved the win!


Anyone have any pics or a link to some?


Shelby had this link up on his Facebook a couple of days ago. Short interview where you can see how awesome he looks.


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Thanks guys. I just stumbled onto this!!! Very nice comments, made my night.



That's all? You gotta at least drop us some pics or the scoop on how it went!


yea! POIDH!!!!


I am a numbnut with attaching pics..How do I insert one in here?



Go to the bottom, click "go advanced" then the attach pic button and browse for pictures.


thank you - here is a shot


Congrats John and thank you for all you do for us on the big T. wishing you much further success as well !


Wow. Shredded. Pretty awesome John!


Congrats JM! You look awesome!


I love those 'Hard Work Pays Off' Stories!
Great Job!!