Meadows Row, Getting Sore Shoulder on One Side

Gave the meadows row a shot over the weekend and really enjoyed the feeling in my lats but I noticed on my left side, my left shoulder started feeling a bit sore. It was the front delt area but honestly felt deeper in the shoulder (possibly rotator cuff). Only felt it on that side and I’m pretty sure I had the form correct. Anyone else experience this? Thanks

I’ve had a similar issue. I’ve found the one arm barbell row to be a bit easier on the shoulder and a better contraction in the lats

Oh yeah, that’s a good way to do it. I’ll start doing that. Thanks!

Did you depress your shoulder blades? If you allow your shoulders to roll forward going into the stretch, it’s going to cause pain.

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Good point. I did do this move toward the end of the session so itnwas fatigued and probably got sloppy with the form. I’ll experiment! Thanks.