Meadows. Biotest. Olympia

Underground events happening right now in Vegas. Keep your eye on this thread for updates, as well as our pages below:

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Stay tuned.

Exciting stuff!

I’m in. Thanks for the heads-up, CS!

Just saw the tweet…gotta see what the scoop is all about! Thanks CS for the heads up!

BREAKING: Location of events incoming.



Crap… Now I have to decide if I’m up for an overnight drive to Las Vegas.

City Athletic Club
7980 West Sahara Ave.
Vegas, Baby

More details coming. Times, dates, special appearances, giveaways, etc.

That gym is sick. Period.

There will be training events this Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Meadows and top bodybuilders. We’re going to load them up with <a href=“"target="new”>Plazma and Meadows is going to see if he can bury them. T Nation members will be invited to watch and talk shop. Schedule will be posted soon. Stay tuned.

Sounds like a really awesome idea!

The crew will have some free T Nation shirts on certain days, first come first served.

Ben Pakulski is set to have a workout with John iirc. Hopefully legs

This would be AWESOME

Wish I lived closer :cry:

[quote]zraw wrote:
Ben Pakulski is set to have a workout with John iirc. Hopefully legs[/quote]

They should do ab training, I think that would help Ben the most.

Anyone else thinking about going? Trying to decide to go or not, fly or drive…

And here we go:

I’ll be posting some behind-the-scenes pics here and on our social media sites.

@cold macaroni - I’d fly down for sure except the timing is all wrong for me. I’m preparing two application packages and prepping for two separate promotional interviews at the moment and this will have me desk-bound for the next week at least.

This looks like a very cool event though and one that I would definitely check out if the timing was better or if I could just drive in for the day or something. Hopefully you make it - I’m sure it will be worth the trip.

Jealous of those who can go.

We’ll be getting started at 2PM today at City Athletic Club. The place is swank. Looks like a high-end Vegas nightclub. Check out the pics: It may look a little different by the time Meadows and his crew are finished!

Biotest and T Nation swag will be waiting for those who join us! (While supplies last, etc. etc.)