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Me vs Myself


First I'll introduce "Me", My Name is Greg. I'm 37 years old. Still married to my high school sweetheart, 19 years in May, and the proud father of two wonderful children. Although my son, who just turned 18 in October, would probably prefer that I don't refer to him as a child.

I don't have near as many hours/months/years training as a lot of the people in this forum but I hope to make up for that with my absolute desire for knowledge. I've already learned so much reading all of the posts here (most of them two or three times) and the videos are priceless. It's so much easier to understand "good form" and "Full ROM" with a visual aid.

My training history consists of a couple years 2005-2007 where I would go to the gym and just lift heavy things. No program, just eat everything in sight, take every Biotest supplement on the market and lift. Of course I made what I thought were great gains 165# in 2005 to 208# in about a year. Unfortunately that was gone and back to 172# within about 5 months of not working out.

"Myself" is that 175# skinny weak guy that I saw in the mirror a few months ago. We won't get into him that much since Iâ??m not hanging out with him anymore.

My training goals are simple for now.......GET STRONGER.......PERIOD

I'm writing my own programs to start. 5/3/1 may be in the future...seems to be "THE" program here.

I started back lifting about two months ago so I've already made up for some of the lost time (that muscle memory thing sure is great). Currently 193# and climbing. The Following post will be my first week of the new program. Kind of a 5x5 thing I guess.

Thanks in advance to anyone who checks in and has advice to offer.


Day 1 Wk 1

Squat, Back

Squat: Weight/Rep/Set

Wow, this felt really heavy..........so weak

Bent over DB Row:
100x5x5 - Easy

Uni Cable high row:

Close grip seated row:

Wide grip pull up

I feel really weak in my squats........you guys and gals that are ATG with 1 1/2 - 2x body weight are freakin amazing!


Day 2 Wk 1

Bench, chest

Flat BB bench

Incline DB

Standing cybex cable fly



Close grip flat BB

Incline skull crusher

This session felt great. Maxed out on the skull crushers but should be able to add # to everything else next w/o.


Welcome Embo. I hope Embo doesn't stand for embolism.


Hi, Greg. This is a great forum, you'll love the people.

By the way, if you're trying to get sympathy, bear in mind that I had to train for years and years before finally getting my bodyweight up to 175. Graduated college at 140. (Currently 210, a little soft.) Also, if you want to cry in your beer about your squats, I've been working furiously for years and years and only just last week managed to get half a dozen squats in GOOD FORM at 205 lbs. And I'm still gritting my teeth and doing them anyway. So all things considered, you're really doing pretty well.


Thanks snap. LOL..I acually had to google embolism. Your lifts are amazing.


Hi Cavalier.
No crying, No sympathy needed.......not yet anyway.

Just want to get stronger.


Welcome Embo. Put in the time and clean your plate and you'll do fine. There's a wealth of knowledge here.


welcome to the rocking chair club! This is a great group dive in and join the conversation


Wk 1 Day 3

DeadLift, Shoulders

Deadlift: Weight/Rep/Set
185x3x1 Should have started my training set here.
225x4x1 I have no bussiness lifting this wait until my lower body is stronger. I got every rep up but all lower back. Didn't feel safe. Next session will train at 185# and work on form.

Seated DB Military

Seated bent over rear delt pronated grip

Seated floor lateral raise

Standing dumbell swing

The deadlifts kicked my ass. Way too much weight. Will adjust next w/o.


welcome.Don't mind me ,I figured Id drop in and give greetings.


Welocome Greg,

I can sympathise with the bodyweight thing. I'm naturally a light guy and I have to eat and train to keep any size on. If I stopped training it would all disappear in a flash. There's lots of very knowledgable folks on here. And I like a bit of 5x5 every now and again.


Thanks Brett

Your squat videos inspire, motivate and depress me all at the same time. I can't wait to feel that much weight on my back let alone drop my ass in the hole and be able to push it back up. You do great work. Don't care how long it takes.....i'm gonna get there!


That's the spirit! That's what we all have in common here... sheer determination.

By the way, if you're trying to rebuild previous strength, that's easy. Happens really fast. How strong were you at 208?


Cavalier, at 208 I was squating 275 for 6-8 but have no idea where those bottomed out. I'm sure they were no where close to parallel so I have no real idea. I suppose I'll consider what i'm doing now as a base line and we'll see were progress stalls. I know 205 feels really heavy for reps.

Bench 1RM was 245 and I feel like I will surpass that with in the next month or so.

DL....wow, this is a hard lift. Gonna take a lot of work!!

Oh, and I should mention, my previous adventures were all about size...this is the first time I've really focused on strengh. Not that size isn't still somewhat important to me..


Wk 1 Day 4

Squat, Back

Squat: Weight/Rep/Set
205x7x1 = plus 1 rep

Bent over DB Row

Uni cable high row
100x8x1 Switched from a double pulley to single pulley machine.

Close grip seated row
230x5x5 = +10 lb

Wide grip pull up
BWx5x5 = -2 reps prob due to adding lb at the uni high row


Whats up. Welcome to old guy network. Stay around its good for you.


Hi welcome to the well seasoned peoples section. Keep at it. You'll get a lot of support around here.

Don't listen to anyone about 5/3/1. They're all full of crap.


Brett's squats depress me too... just don't tease him about the sexiness of his shorts.

Welcome. I'm new here too, and this really is a good crowd. And don't complain about being little. You outweigh me.


Thanks all for the warm welcome.

Wk 1 day 5

Bench / Chest

Flat BB Bench Weight/Rep/Set
205x5x5 = +20 lb

Incline DB
75x8x1 = +5 lb

Standing Cybex Fly
8x5x5 = -1 rep

Close Grip BB

Incline Sull Crusher
120x5x3 = - 2 sets

LOL......My bench and squat are the same weight.