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Me, Tilting Windmills


This is me, trying to engage in a dialogue wíthin a more or less feminist website

You think I am retarded to do so?

Fucking A.


Lol. I'll be following that conversation.


That is, and no kidding, the most retarded bunch I ever had the pleasure of dealing with.

No reading comprehension, no intellectual honesty whatsoever, I mean, look at that shit, do I not try my best?


Well, LBT is all right I guess.

Sucks that he was raped.


Also, if anyone is kind of game aware, notice how I give in on the edges yet hold the core?


What the fuck is wrong with those people. That fibonachi chick is way out there. I am impressed with her writing style. But fuck her opinion as if it were her pussy.

It is my contention that Feminist theory at its core is simply the female attempt at male subjugation. There is certainly a battle between the sexes for dominance and control. That is indisputable. The feminist fight under the guise of morality and ethics. Men just do what comes natural to them.


The part I don't understand though is why you haven't just walked away. There's not a whole lot of reward for even the most positive outcome of that dialog, as far as I can see.

But ignoring that, it's interesting watching the "I don't agree with what you say, so I'm going to cling to my clique and play bash the outsider" among a few posters. Basic social psych stuff... enacted by the same people claiming that you can't generalize behavior.

But seriously, I do think you're wasting your time there.

Granted, I don't totally buy into many aspects of any PUA model of male/female dynamics, but as a model, it seems to pretty consistently match reality. Much more so than the idealized "this is how I think things work" guesswork that most people have. I'd like for there to be a similarly developed alternate model that frames things differently... but I just haven't seen one yet.


You have never debated for the sake of debating. I did this all the time back in the day on all sorts of forums. It was great practice in learning to logically weave togethor a solid argument. I soon realized though, that in the end, it is all a big waste of time. But I did learn something and I suspect Orion will learn something from his interaction with those seemingly perdacious pontificating penis envying whores.


Oh, I've definitely done my share of debating, but at a certain point there's really just not much more you can get from it. If I'm going to debate, I'd rather it be something where one or more sides actually discusses and learns something about the topic, even if nobody actually changes their mind. This, for the most part, has completely devolved into a fairly base set of interactions.

Certainly there's something to get out of "I present things this way, and this class of people responds that way"; really just studying psychosocial behavior in response to various stimuli, but I just don't see there being much to learn from this particular conversation, with these particular people.

Now, if the level of discourse were actually raised from its current state... maybe you could get something from this... but at its current state, I'd just walk away.

As an observer though, I'll still check back and see what happens. I'm not particularly invested beyond curiosity at this point.


I suppose you are right. They do not appear keen on intelligent and mutual discourse. I just see value in learning how these kinds of women react to certain individuals or ideas and what their response to those people/ideas are.

For instance I was notably surprised at their unwillingness to engage Orion in a legitimate discussion despite the fact that several of those people are clearly intelligent and capable.

Perhaps an ability to eloquently articulate does not correlate directly with intelligence. I always assumed it did. So in lieu of an appropriate rebuttal these individuals chose to to attack Orion ad hominem. Which to me shows that they have nothing to substantiate their opinions with. Which is fitting because feminist theory is about as full of shit as Joseph Smith was.


that thread is a giant ball of crazy. I'm hesitant to read any of the sites content...


Wtf is an MRAL?


I checkout out urban dictionary. Stands for Mens Rights Activists.

Apparently the most evil motherfuckers on the planet, according to Womens Rights Activists.


Yeah but what's the "L" I wonder lol. Loser or something maybe.


Males have long been subjugated the difference is that in the past women were satisfied with just knowing it but now they have to rub our noses in it and make sure we know it too.


"caressed them with my penis" I cannot follow the conversation right now, but I will later. This is gonna be good.


What planet do you live on. Society as a whole nearly everywhere has tended to be entirely patriarchal.

quote]zecarlo wrote:

Males have long been subjugated the difference is that in the past women were satisfied with just knowing it but now they have to rub our noses in it and make sure we know it too. [/quote]


A-rod, I graciously accept your compliment on my writing style.
My brain shorted everything after that in a rush of internet validation, but I'm sure that was all just as completely relevant.

Orion, it was fun to bicker with you - so do be well. Although, again, you might want to get that noogenic thing looked at. I hear some doctors have a cream?

Otherwise, good luck training to all of you.


Now how in the world could you have tracked Orion down to this thread?


Wait before you go!
What is the "L" in MRAL?
For this I must know.

There I formatted my question as a haiku in hopes that will increase the likelihood of your answering.