ME Squat/Deadlift Training Day Protocol?

Okay, so I pretty much follow my own version of the westside template, I have 4 exercises that I max out on every week, with 3 sets above 90%. Each exercise has a 3 week wave and there is a total of 4 exercises that I use for Max Effort. What I want to know is if everything looks good or if I have too much, b/c I’m always in fear of overtraining AND if my exercise selection is good for accessory work, a version of the Deadlift is my supplemental exercise… Okay here’s what it looks like.

1st 3 week wave… ME Low Box Squat Wide Stance
2nd 3 week wave… ME Zercher Squat
3rd 3 week wave… ME Sumo Deadlift (1st week 4x5. 2nd week 3x5, 1x3. 3rd week max)
4th 3 week wave… ME Parrallel Box Squat

weeks 1-6 Sumo Pulls standing on 1 inch Platform 3-4x5
weeks 7-12 Sumo Pulls weights on blocks 3-4x5

Good Mornings (change stance every 6 weeks) 3-4x5-8

Glute Ham Bridges 4-5x10


I was thinking of maybe doing conventional pulls off the blocks through weeks 7-12. If I want to do conventional pulls as well, how do you think I should add them in???

Much thanks to all replys.

Probably shouldn’t have zercher squats as a ME exercise. Also it seems like too much work per day, you could cut out maybe half the volume?

Just my thoughts

Have you done the Westside template as written before you started making changes?

Yeah I have done the template before. Max Effort… Hamstrings… lower back… abs… I just feel I need some extra glute work that’s why I put in the Glute Ham Bridges.

I’d choose a good morning as a max effort exercise, but I dont have a power cage to work out on. All I have is a staggered squat rack, so if I can’t get the good morning, I’d have to dump it on the floor, so I decided to use the good morning as a lower back accessory and get some extra posterior chain work in.

Once again you said the volume is high. What should I cut out??? Should I just do 1 or two work sets instead of 3-4 on my supplemental deadlift??? Or should I cut out the GHB and just do some leg curls to work the hamstrings at the knee???

I’d say remove the supplemental deadlift altgether, or remove GHB. This way you have your ME, and you have Good mornings and a second lower body movement as accessories (+ Abs). Sumo Pulls and GMs are hitting a similar area, I don’t think you need both of them to make the program work.

Not having safety bars sucks, what equipment do you have? Is it a home gym?

Thanks for the input. I’ll probably keep the deadlift, b/c I’m the kind of person that needs to deadlift every week to see improvement, I don’t really get carry over from the squat to the deadlift, but that’s probably b/c I’m built to deadlift… I have long arms and a short torso… Do you think I could add in the GHB on my dynamic day… something like… DE box squats… GHB… Leg Press… Lying Hip Extended Leg Curls???

Yeah I know not having safety bars, or a cage for that matter, does suck. Where I’m living now, my gym is a hardcore type gym at a rec center, but the guys that have it are merely bench specialist and don’t do much lower body work past regular squats and leg presses. And the guy that runs the rec center doesn’t care about me dropping the weights when I deadlift, but I’m sure it would be different if it happened when I do good mornings, b/c it would be a much longer drop and I’m thinking it could do some bar damage. But I do have plenty of iron at the gym a leg press and a hack squat machine, too bad I don’t have a safety squat bar as well, but I do the best with what I have. Supposively they are suppose to be getting in a power cage here soon so it will be better in a little while.

If you want to. Personally, I’d just remove them altogether, with the Leg curls already in there. But I can’t see it hurting you if you want to do them.

I know what you mean with deadlifts. Having them there definitely will keep you practicing form and stuff.

Yeah. I just feel I need to isolate the glute a little more. Its a big contributing muscle.