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ME Squat day rotation


WS recommend..

70% GM ME
20% Squat ME
10% Deadlift ME

im attempting to stay true to thsoe numbers as much as possible, but with regards to the Deadlift ME training..

is it common practise to only do a ME DL ex for 1 week? i know that the DL is the most taxing lift on the CNS so would it make sense to perform a DL exercise for just a one week cycle rather than the usual 2 week?

I did sumos last week and was very happy with my performance (considering i havent done them for years and i got within 10lbs on my conventional PR), but i really doubt i could get close to that lift again, it drained me THAT much, other ME ex dont have that affect on me

thanks in advance


You can change ME exercises every week.


that was recomended a few years ago they have changed that quite a bit they now alternate each week between a gm,low bxsq, deadlift, they just keep alternating movements, but as a beginer i still feel you should stick with a movement for 3 weeks,...big martin


also reading your post you need to really work on brining up work capacity the best way i can tell you to do this is to add in some heay rack pulls or shrugs after your max effort squat work
this will bring up your work capacity for the deadlift, also make sure you are hitting up the lat pull downs and rows hard 2-3 time a week..big martin