Me So Far

ok so i am 16 years old i have been lifting since i was 15 but did not start getting serious untill about 9 months ago when i started i was 6ft and 150lbs i am now 6ft 220lbs .

I play football and thats the real reason i started lifting but the more i lift the more i love to do it and i now lift 5 days a week foucusing on one area a day like chest one day shoulders one day back another so on and so on . i eat alot now i dont know exactley how much but alot of high protein meals . i have noticed huge gains and so has everyone .

Which leads me to a question i have nasty steach marks on the top and bottom of my arms and also my upper arm pits i wanted to know if you guys knew of anythang that might be abel to help that out . right now my chest is 44in arms are 16 1/2 in waist was 35in a couple weeks ago . i will put some pics on here as soon as i can. and please tell me what you think of my gains and what you think i should change

70lbs in 9 months is exceptional progress in my opinion.

Leave the stretch marks, they signify fast progress - a suntan will help fade them but they will be with you for life. Also, make sure you eat you fats (olive oil, fish oil, etc.) to keep the skin happy, among other things.

ok so keep in mind i play o line and am aiming for bulk so yes i have a lil chub but i will post old pics of me soon as well

ok a bad pic but whatever

this ones not as blurry

ok so this isnt me at my smallest but still pretty old

Sorry to say but I think you’re doing a bit more than bulking. That’s just excess body fat. Eat cleaner and less.

I agree with Skrussian. If you were hoping to only put on muscle then you should take a closer look at your food plan. You look to have a high % of body fat.

However if your goal was to put on mass, and you didn’t care if it was fat or muscle to help with football then you succeeded.

yes know i have a nice bit of fat but for some reason i just kinda started getting a lil bit more chub idk why really i dont know how much i weigh in the pick but last time i checked i was 220

but i really did get alot strongerr seeing how my bench went from 155 to 275 and i dont know my mass squat but i did 3 deep reps of 315 but stopped beacuse i had no belt on and was scared i was gonna hert myself but i realy dont have any defantion and need to watch some of what i eat

but i still am happyer now and i run alot now so i should drop some fat soon but i have cut out all candy or junk food and sodas. i want to lose a lil bit of belly

so yall are telling me that i have gained no muscle but have gotten stronger by just fat

I don’t read anywhere that said you didn’t gain ANY muscle, just that you also gained a lot of fat.

Clean up your diet if you are happy at your weight and you won’t gain any more fat. If you want more definition clean it up and cut a little. Then you will see your new muscle.

If someone gains 35 lbs of muscle and 35 lbs of fat the fat stands out more than the muscle until you cut. Doesn’t mean the muscle isn’t there, just that it is hiding a little

ok cool i was really just aiming on bulking i will try to cut right after the season ends but i dont think i ganied 35 puonds of pure body fat thos thats a llllllloooootttttt thats crazy but i realy am aiming to bulk im not trying to be a bodybuilder but i do intend on cutting later and i would really like to know what you eat and what is considered a clean diet

i know mine can be better but for the most part i eat lots of grilled chicken pork loin steak and im bout to gett more into tuna . but i would like some help with how to cut it tho . i know the basics like lighter weight high reps and to do alot more cardio but thats about all like should i lighten up my protien ???

[quote]nug416 wrote:
i know the basics like lighter weight high reps and to do alot more cardio but thats about all like should i lighten up my protien ???

Hell no.

Your protein intake should remain high when cutting to preserve as much muscle as possible, and I would keep lifting heavy with low reps, it all comes down to diet.

Look into Lactic Acid Training, 10x3 For Fat Loss & Tabata Training for some good programs on cutting down.

With regards to “clean” eating, check out Berardi’s Article -