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Me - One Year Later

Last year:

180 lbs @ 6’2"
bench: 200
dead: 200
squat: 200


200 lbs (still 6’2")
bench: 225
dead: 345
squat: 245

Yeah, numbers are great and all, but let’s consider, as T-Nation so succinctly puts it, “The nobler aspects of Testosterone.”

In that year I also got my engineering degree, built a house, started a salary job, and found a hot woman with a culinary arts degree.

Thank you, T-Nation.


LOL. Good job man!

Oh, yeah, I’m talking about the life aspects… just try not to let the gym get crowed out with all the time consumption going on.

do you have before and after pics?

Great progress and congrats on the accomplishments.

Great job, especially on the DL. 'Course, I’d say your biggest accomplishment is finding a good woman with a culinary arts degree. Awesome. =)

haha good progress… got any pictures?