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Me on TV again

My national championship routine will be on ESPN 2 Sunday march 10 at 12et. check it out so we can start discussing whether or not cheerleading is a sport or not. Yall know how much i love talking about that.hehe.

Your just doing cheerleading to pick up cheerleaders…hehe… Cheerleading is not a sport but it is athletic…

I will be sleeping at that time being Hawaii is 5 hours behind. Yet I have watched some cheerleading competions on the telly. Since it is on ESPN2 it must be a sport? Working with hot chicks is a nice side bonus. Now it is time to surf which is a real mans sport.

Gold: I’m a student of The History of War. The trench fighting of WW1 often involved waiting in cold, wet, disease-ridden trenches waiting for wave after wave of Bayonet driven assults. (Sort of like what happens when you post about Cheering and Stunting!)

You’d have been a GREAT Warrior in WW1! I’m in the trenches with, 'ya, though! I think that what you do (and the ladies) is both athletic and a sport. But hey…we’re crazy, huh?

Duck, Bro…and watch out for the Mustard Gas Cannisters…they’re a Bitch…!

It just went off. Damn i was good. hehe.

I have seen the show twice and think that it is an athletic art form. It takes tremendous strength and agility to perform as they do. Unfortunately, I did see some pretty poor sportsmanship on the footage too. The results of the competition may not have been the way I would have personally scored them but that is the way with subjective competition and it will always be there. I have lost many reining competitions when I and others had thought I had blown away all the competition but in the end it is only the judges score that counts and they do not see the action from all vantage points. It’s hard to smile graciously when you think you performed better than your score but showing a bad attitude can influence judges in future competitions. BTW, this is not a slam on Goldberg as I don’t even know which team he competeted on. All looked like super athletes to me.

haha your a cheerleader hehe. ok yeah you get to look up hot chicks skirts but haha your a cheerleader. oh man keep posting stuff goldylocks i need a good laugh now and then

I dont know what portion of the competition you are referring to. We were very disappointed that we recieved third place. Its hard to explain but West Ga’s coach wasnt their coach in the beginning of the year. She was at the university but didnt coach. She is the regional representative for UCA. Then the day before tapes were due(you have to send in a tape to be seeded) their head coach was fired and she was instated as the coach. But the fired coach was at nationals. so was he really fired. Then West Ga got first in taping and we got third. so we were like ok, they cant screw us at nationals. then we got third at nationals. We had a bobble but we had a way harder routine. In comparison, its like gymnastics where a vault starts at a 10,9.9, etc. Our routine would have started at a 10. Theirs a 9. After the competition the team that got second came up to us and told us they were sorry about the results. Their coach told our coach that we won. Everyone there said that we got screwed. One of the guys on our squad is good friends with one of the guys at West GA. they went up there for a party and one of the girls told him that our routine was so much harder than theirs. So everyone involved knows that the results were tainted. And this isnt without precidence in UCA. Last year morehead got screwed worse than we did. They had won 10 times in a row and they wanted someone else to win. They won again this year. We had other schools coming up to us afterwards telling us that we got screwed. So its really hard to be a good loser when all this is going on. But we are using all this as motivation for next year.

Goldberg… do you ever have a chick standing on your shoulders… do you look up? eh eh eh eh eh? eh?

I dont do toss shoulders but on every stunt that i do i see at least panties. Its a big deal the first time you do it, but you get desensitized to it and you dont even think about it. Youre usually more worried about her falling than anything else.

There always seems to be an advantage to be the incumbant champ in any subjective event. I don’t remember ever seeing a championship boxing match that was too close to call being awarded to the challenger. You actually have to be two steps ahead of the incumbant to displace him. Good luck next year.

No offense, but I just can’t watch cheerleading on T.V. I don’t doubt that is tough physically, but a great way to meet chicks

I agree. Its not really exciting unless you know whats going on and most people dont. The cool thing and the thing that sucks the most is that most people cant tell one single handed stunt from another. So i can do the easiest single hand stunt and it looks just as hard as the hardest to the average person. Im gonna try to get some pics up of me stunting so yall can see what im talking about.