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Me on BJJ?

HI, so the thing is that i’m still training judo 3x per week so i was thinking in joinining in a BJJ club, since i feel very comfortable doing groundwork. Also i have won most of my combats in the ground.

I should go to the BJJ class after my Lifting in the gym, will it be ok right (when i come back to judo there will not be any other option i think).

Anyway, for these months i’ll have plenty of time (I’m done with “highschool”)

What do you think about the idea?

Ah, and other option, will it be a good idea to focus on my core in my training?

I would want to put more muscle on it, but the WS4SB III does not focus much on the core, which i think is the most important part for a fighter.

Thanks. :wink:

badwolf, training after lifting weights is fine for the cardio, just don’t expect any drastic gains in size/strength. if u want size u would have to work out and go home and do NOTHING. the muscle needs time to repair its self.

IMO brazilian jiu jitsu is the better sport. if ur good at bjj, once u get a dude on his back, u will dominate. if ur really good u’ll ‘give’ him the top position and he’ll soon regret it. if u want to stand up and duke it out, use more of the judo. just my .02 worth :slight_smile: