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ME Movments ??

This sunday I worked up to a heavy single on the bench after my speed bench sets. Now what type of lift should I use on my ME day? I was thinking of using Ultra wide benches for a couple sets of six or doing pin presses for a triple. I guess what i am asking is should I work up to a all out max or something a little less intence?
Thanks in advance

Don’t do two ME’s per week. you will burn yourself out pretty quickly that way.
Either do speed day and ME day or in this case where you did a Dyn effort and worked up to a max, on the other day work for volume in the 80-90% range of your 1RM.

For instance if your 1RM max bench was 315, then do 5 sets of 4 in the 255-285 range. One example would be 255 x 4, 265 x 4, 275 x 4, 265 x 4, 255 x4.

This type of volume work in the 80-90% range is hard work and will build strength but won’t stress the CNS like a max does.
I use this combo of dyn/max in one workout and 80-90% volume work in the other as my variation of Westside.

Will, that’s good advise by major. This is what I do, on my ME day is usually 3RM, once in a while I’ll do a 1RM, and on DE day I’ll do speed work and around 4 weeks in if my shoulders or elbows start feeling a little beat up I do 3 sets at around 70%-80% of my 1RM and finish the set as I feel a little struggle, never to failure that’s what ME day is for. I’ll do this for 4 weeks or so and then go back to speed work, good luck.