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ME GM ?'s


I did my first ME GMs today and I like them a lot, hammered my hamstrings and lower back really well. I just did a basic low-bar shoulder width stance GM with a tiny bit of knee bend. I went low enough to where the bar would be at the height of my belly button if I was standing straight up.

I worked up to 335x3. I might have had more in the tank, but I didn't want to push it since my knees and hips were shaking like leaves in gale force winds on that weight.

Anyway, I was wondering how ya'lls GM weight compared to your power squat weight and what ya'lls favorite variation of GM is for strengthening the PC for both squats and DLs.


The carryover is about 100 pounds for me. I can safely estimate my raw squat at 100 pounds higher than my GM at any given moment. Deads are more hit and miss but are about the same. I do concentric only GM's using the safety squat bar and take the same stance I use when squatting raw.


Concentric only == chain suspended?


That's what I was wondering. You could do them off the pins, I guess, and squat it down instead of dropping it to take some stress off your back.

Chain suspended are great for a change of pace... I don't know how much carryover I get, though.


Damn! I hope that works out to be true for me too. I'll be thrilled with 50. Does the SSB allow you to use more weight on the GM or less than a traditional bar? Same question for making it concentric only?

I thought about doing it the same way actually, but I decided it would be better for me to get a feel doing something basic before getting fancy with it.


Yesterday, I did GM's as a Max Effort and worked up too 240kg for 1 in the shoulder width stance, my depth is like yours, about belly button height if I was standing. I magine my raw squat is about 50kg more then my GM at this point. Very solid max effort day. I also like to perform these with the safety squat bar or the cambered bar. Both suck!


I use chains to suspend the bar and use a slightly rounded back type of form with bent knees. The high bar position allows me to achieve a position and style I can't get with a straight bar. The overall movement of my back and hips mimics my deadlift form and forces me to develop the erectors in the middle of my back.


I've used the SSB with GMs for reps before and every muscle in my back was aching hardcore the next day. This was right after SSB box squats so that might have something to do with it.


Some of the #s I've hit in the past 6 months:

425 suspended chain cambered bar
455 cambered bar (sloppy as shit)
495 MISS with cambered bar (got buried)
225 + double blues x10 w/ SSB (this was unreal)

I don't think I get a lot of carry over on my squat, but since I've started doing ME good mornings I've put quite a few pounds on my deadlift. From 545 or so to 605 (about 3 months ago) so probably even higher now.


Safety bar is a haaaarsh mistress. I may gives these a try too... sounds fun.