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ME Free Squats


Are there any people who do ME legs for raw lifting who do their comp. style free squat with the only thing being different stance? I was thinking it might be a good idea because that's done with bench a lot it seems like (eg: doing close grip bench press for ME).


I free squat more frequently than I box squat.


Depends. If I am lifting geared, I will train mostly box squats (about 95% of the time). If I have a raw meet coming up, I ditch the box when the meet gets closer, and do the last 60-70% of my training without it. Just switch the bars, foot positions, and variations up as much as possible. Having access to a 14inch cambered bar, SSB, spotting chains, bands, chains, etc. really helps.


Got the bands and chains and I'm sure I can figure out a way to use my feeder chains in the power rack. It would help with confidence since power rack safety pins jar the hell out of me if I miss a squat.

Also have access to SSB for the time being. Next post will be the ME exercises I had in mind for lower body.


I was thinking of doing this for the next 10 weeks, maybe more with these 4 ME variations.
-Free squat narrow stance
-Free squat wide stance
-Box squat
-Box squat with minis and 50lb chains

For supps I was thinking:
-Snatch grip rack pulls from just under the knees
-Box squats
-Free squat narrow stance
-Free squat wide stance

For the sake of recovery I was thinking if I did ME free squat I would do box squats for supp and vice versa.

I've done Westside Style in the past and I found that Deadlifts as long as I do some speed work for will go up anytime my squat does.

Since I've made a thread about Westside anyway, what can be done to alleviate joint stress from DE bench pressing? Mostly shoulder but sometimes elbow too. I was thinking of using chains and reverse bands and pausing the reps on my chest.

Next post is the workout I did just finished a little over an hour ago.


I free front squat as one of my max effort movements. It's my only quad-dominant movement.


First workout of Conjugate Method Version 2.0

ME legs (start w/ a bang of course):

Elevated heel narrow stance free squat shoe (called nike squats from hence forth)
315x1 (started to get slow here)
345x1 grinded as soon as I lost some of the stretch reflex
355xmiss missed in the same spot I grinded last time
They definitely felt a good bit different from my preferred stance but still similar. Much like cgbp to normal bp. Much emphasis on hamstrings and much less on the hips and low back. Similar quad engagement.

Parallel Box Squat
245x3x5 very last rep was pretty slow... borderline grinding, very ham and glute dominant and was hard w/out taking the life out of me

Seated Low Bar GM w/ Full ROM
95x3x8 isolated low-back just the way I wanted
supersetted with...

decline crunches
will be working on increasing reps rather than weight on the superset

This was straight up copy and pasted from my log: