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ME Exercise Rotation

WSBers: Just out of curiousity, how many times do you personally rotate exercises on your ME day? Do you do it every week or every 2-3 weeks? Which has given you better results?

As long as I set a PR that 2nd week, I go ahead and do again the third week. I won’t go more than 3 weeks though. If I don’t set a PR that 2nd week, then I switch it up.

I rotate every week.

every week, using a relatively small number of exercises - 6 for bench, a 3 each for sq and dl.

It depends on whether or not I think I can get a PR on the second week. If I set a 20 pound PR, I’ll probably go ahead and do the same exercise for a 2nd week. If it’s only a 5 pound PR, then I’ll switch to something else and come back the week after that.

For instance:

Week 1: ME exercise A
Week 2: ME exercise B
Week 3: ME exercise A
Week 4: ME exercise B

Then, I’ll move on to something comepletely different on week 5.

Week 1: Some kind of squat to heavy double or triple
Week 2: Deadlift to max single
Week 3: Some kind of squat to max single (either in gear or something else that overload the top end- e.g. chains, reverse band, etc.)
Repeat or take a light week if you’re feeling beat up.

I’m week so longer then most 4-6 ME workouts usually. If I use something for longer then 4 workouts I will usually take it easy on the next workout then pick up with something new.

I rotate mine every two weeks. The basis of the rotation is to prevent overtraining of the CNS. This depends on how advanced you are. The more advanced you are the easier it is for you to overtrain hence the every week rotation. A newcomer can get away with up to three weeks.

Just started rotating every week instead of every 3. I find that mentally it is much easier on me to not worry about beating or matching the same lift the following week and coming back to it later instead. What I plan on doing is having 3 different ME exercises for upper and lower body and going through them. So every third week I’ll try to beat the previous PR.


week 1-Bench Press 85% 4sets of 3
week 2-Bench Press 1RM
week 3-2Board Press 90% for 5 singles
week 4-(Deload) Illegal wides 8-10RM
week 5-2Board Press 85% 4sets of 3
week 6-2Board Press 1RM
week 7-Bench Press 90% for 5 singles
week 8-(Deload) Illegal wides 8-10RM