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ME Bench and Tricep Work


I saw that Defranco doesn't include any direct tricep work on the ME day, and Buddy Morris didn't include much either (and I believe that he uses DB benches instead). In place of the tradtional supplemental of a tricep movement, he has replaced it with a DB press. What could be the reasoning that Defranco has for using the DB benches instead of tricep work (as is advocated by Westside)?

I have been using a modified Westside template to get ready for football, and have a question about direct tricep work on my ME Bench day. Typcially I have been doing some type of extension as my second movement, but I am beginning to feel like they aren't that helpfull

Would dumping the tricep extensions and replacing them with DB benches be something to examine doing in my case?


DB Benches are for unilateral work between your arms... It's rare that you're pressing something with your hands united and they're probably working independently.

Thats a debatable argument, but the unilateral work really helps you to overcome any imbalances that might exist.

Also, from a powerlifting perspective DBell Bench work helps you off the chest.

And I do believe that he includes some direct tricep work, though it's not directly after ME bench work as are the other exercises.


well, i think defranco wrote the program with raw lifters in mind. Westside is designed for geared(material not drug) lifters. very strong triceps are needed to lock out the weight with a bench shirt, but power off of the chest becomes a much larger issue when you lack the pop granted by a bench shirt.

don't examine, do them. at least in my opinion. i followed the WS beginners template for 9 weeks, and with all of the extensions, the only benefit i got was a pair of elbows so fucked i cant even do french presses and the like with more than 20 lbs. what i have been doing (well at least did before i started cutting) and had worked fairly well was....
-ME day
-whatever up to 1RM
-DB bench or 1board 5x3-5,i just picked a weight i could get for a very hard 5 on the first set, and let the reps drop off
-horizontal row, 4-6 sets
-whatever else

-DE day
-DB bench 5x5, same as above
-horizontal/vertical row, 3-4 sets of each
-1-2board, 3-4 sets x 6-10 reps
-whatever else


I've seen more and more people using a high board press or pin/chain press after their man movement on either ME or DE day to hit the triceps... I think this will have greater benifit then extensions, though on the day you don't do this work you could throw in some press downs or extensions to get more volume for your triceps.

Another benifit of dumbell presses besides being unilateral is MASS! Dumbells are great at building mass and following your ME work with dumbell work is going to up the volume on your pressing movements.


Whats the big deal if you do db presses and tricep extensions. Defrancos guide is a template and I'm sure even his own athletes will do exercises not in the guide or in a slightly different orders. Do the presses then throw in three sets of extensions. I don't think you'll have to worry about overtraining.