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Me at 185 Pounds, 6%


haha this is when I was 170 pounds at 10 percent bodyfat. I am now 185 pounds at 6 percent body fat. Ill try to post the new pic soon.


dont bother.


ouch... dude you better tie yourself to somethin before you blow away


you need some mass...change your diet from carrots and water to beef


Well, he should have at least 20 lbs more mass now if he's really 15 lbs heavier and has dropped 4% bodyfat. Why would you post this picture in isolation without waiting to see if you have the recent picture showing progress?


i can't wait


do you compete?


I don't know why people are ragging on him just yet, if he doesn't post an after sure have at it. But 185 6% bodyfat would be a pretty good physique. I really hope he does have an after picture...


good chest


I think you have to much faith in people that make these kind of threads.


No, I don't compete and thank you for the positive comments. And for Outrage 247 f off. I am currently working two jobs and am attending college full time, and working my ass off in the weight room. I don't have a camera and I'm trying my best to take and post my new pics hopefully within the next week


We all have jobs, families and need to get to the gym....you tell someone to F-off because he doubts you.

YOU are the one who has not posted the picture to match your title claims.....so why would you EVEN POST if you do not have the 185 6% picture?

Cart before the horse huh???


Alright this is FUCKING ABSURD!!!

This guy doesn't deserve any hate on his physique.

Sean, your main problem is that you have a crappy picture and you're not doing any bodybuilding poses. Learn how to use the timer on your camera. Do a Most Muscular, a Back Double Bicep, and an Abdominal Thigh. With these 3 pictures you can get a better score.

From what I can see you look pretty solid and your arms look small and I have no idea what your back or legs are like (the most important muscle groups). Your picture taking skills do truly suck.


i think his rating is absurd


hold off on the gear, hold off on the benching, and work your squat and, I'm guessing, your back for the next 2-3 months. You say you've hit a plateau, but then you state the exact reason for that plateau without even knowing it. 1:1 bench:squat ratio is not what most would consider ideal, to put it gently.


I know my bench squat ratio sucks major balls. My genetic makeup is a bigger upper body and a smaller lower body. No big deal that means I just got to kill myself on leg day. Anyways thanks for the positive feedback and i will make damn sure new pictures are up by Sunday . As for the gear part I have worked my ass off for 3 years naturally. Its not that I feel I'm at a plateu I feel I keep getting sronger but not bigger. There arn't many (if any) natural 180 pounds kids at my gym stronger than me, but alot of 180 pound kids that look alot bigger than me. Thats why I am considering it


Dude, don't worry about a camera, just draw a little sketch.


Here, I put one up for you....


Ha that's really funny, and yes I do put too much faith in people sometimes.


Thats coooomedy