Me At 16 Part II

This is the update in early September that I said I would have. I’m 10-15 lbs lighter here than I was.

A profile of the upper body:

I know I am not a posing master or professional photographer, but these are the best I can muster with only myself, a digital camera, and a living room mirror.

The Triceps/Deltoids:

Back 1

A more complete back shot. I know its painfully blurry, but its better than nothing.

The quads

Sorry for not including my stats this time. I’m currently 5’10 and 205-210, down from 215-220. Here’s a link to my last thread:

And my final pic, a profile of the wheels:

a little light wouldn’t kill these pics you know. The leg pics are so dark I can’t really tell. The back pictures are so fuzzy I can’t see anything. The first pic you aren’t flexing anything to tell and you are compressing your chest with your arms to make your pecs bulge out more.

Let someone else take the pictures and in better light and flex different muscle groups, and STAND STILL so we can actually honestly rate.

Other than that, nice weight loss. Diet and workout info?

I’ll rate after better pics.

KombatAthlete- You have been at this site long enough to know that these pics are shit. I cant really see anything in some of them. Get some proper lighting, stand back, and get your mom/brother/sister/girlfriend to take the pictures for you.