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Me and My Insignificant Gains


THe first two are from before I started bulking. In the last pictures is it just me or is my neck postition fucked up? My numbers are bench:185 ,squat a little over 200, deadlift 290, I weighed 125 in the first 2 pictures and 160 in the last ones.

I kinda want to lose the pudge and get down to 10ish percent again. to a point where I can take off my shirt and not be ashamed. I also want to get to 175+ pounds during this schoolyear.


here's 2




april #2


June...getting flabby




and still now




and now again


I would post leg pictures but I have no good way to do so. right now i'm focusing on my leg///upper back developement for the most part. a large muscular V shaped body with legs that make jeans that are baggy on most people tight, is what I'm going for. with big emphasis on the powerlifting moves.


well, i'm surprised on your lifts compared to how you look.
but as far as you look, you look like crap. :slight_smile:


Probably a little early to be posting pics to be rated. Try myspace, you'll probably be considered "totally Jacked" on there. T-Nation however, you probably won't get a rating above 2 or 3. 3 being a little generous, but you have made gains, so congrats on that. Keep it up!


get a recording of you making them lifts, i'm not saying that your lying, but your body doen't look like it can lift those numbers.
How tall are you? i'd say to weight 160 and look like that you must be taller than me (5 9)
What did you mean by
"I would post leg pictures but I have no good way to do so."
Just take a picture of them, i find a mirror is a good tool for such things.

Don't be put off thou, if your making progress then your going in the right direction.


I think that's really good progress, actually. you're clearly not exactly predisposed to being muscular. And your lifts are entirely believable to me.


Why do you want to cut NOW? You don't look fat yet, and swimsuit season is over. You definitely look better now than in any of your previous pictures, and you managed to look like you lift.


You can see improvement and remember this endeavor takes time. You are on the right path and six months from now you will be better, a year even more, two years significantly better. Just keep eating healthy and hitting the iron. Learn, keep reading the info on this site.

Take care!



Genetics are not an excuse for lack of progress.

Anyway, post your diet. I would suspect that your diet is your limiting factor, not your effort. Keep at it and I wouldn't suggest a cut phase, but you could add in some cardio here and there to cut down on the BF.

If you truly want to get in great shape I suggest joining your HS wrestling team. I wrestled in HS and that sport taught me more about dedication and effort than anything else in my life has.


I'm only 5'8" i workout in my schools weightroom, I don't think they allow cameras. I wasn't really looking for a rating, but more or less to evaluate my progress and get some critasism. I'm not actually planning on cutting. mostly just adding more cardio and adding more calories. hopefully gain a few pounds and over time drop a few % bodyfat.

want some leg measurements? I can't take leg pictures because of the flash on the camera, and mirrors. I'll try sometime this week though. I'll do it when the rnets leave... don't want them to think I'm wierd.

Calf 15"




6am:4 eggs,scrambled with water.

9am: venison jerky with an apple

noon:peanut butter on grain with water/veggies

2:30: 20 grams of protein shake///beta alanine

3:00 workout

4:00 20 grams protein//beta alanine///creatine

5:30 whatever rents make if it's healthy

7:30 protein shake

9:30 large glass of milk