Me again- diet

Hey its me again,thanks for all the information on my previouse question it helped a lot. but I have another question on how i should go about dieting,which one should i go on? or should i just stay away from the whole subject and just eat normally?

Are you the 14 year old that was asking about which weights to buy? First of all, what are your goals? Are you skinny and trying to add muscle or are you fat and wanting to lose it? Give us some info, including age, height, weight, etc. Read my “Diet Manifesto” article at T-mag in issue #135. Go to the previous issues section.

Note: This article has been revised and updated and the new version will appear in paper issue #5 of T-mag.

yea im the 14 year old wondering which weights to buy. well i like to play a lot of sports like football,wrestling and boxing so i want to start lifting to increase my physical strength and also add a little visual muscle while im at it. im 14,almost 6" tall (i come from a very tall family) and I wiegh about 160lbs.