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Me @215, 6'.....Be Gentle!


Here's a new picture of me... Please be gentle!

I recently put up 245 * 8 on the incline barbell press, which is a record for me.

  • Adam


It would be unfair to rate you without back and leg pictures.


I put a leg and back picture under my T-Nation profile.


Look good lose a bit more body fat and you will look a lot better can almost see abs.


Yah about the leg pic, I think you should drop the towel just so I can get a better view of the leg.

just being helpful.




The pics of you flexing in your profile look very good. (I would have posted those instead of this one)


I'm currently bulking, i'll probably do so until summer 08..

  • Adam


damn nice lats.


Nah nah nah..... please don't... it's difficult to rate someone with forks stuck in my eyes... the towel is fine where it is mate.

Lookin' good, from a purely hetero point of view of course.
What's the plan that got you that level?


I am with octobergirl on this one...maybe a shot of the glutes?

In all seriousness....You look quite solid. Lats and delts are absolutely amazing. The quads look solid too nice to see that you are rounding out your workout by taking care of the lower body, so many just focus on the upper leaving them nasty chicken legs. Looking strong, and fine which is a nice balance. keep it up.



I've just been plugging away the last 4 years trying different things. My weakness is my diet...I am not a big eater and i have a hard time eating the right away consistantly. If I had any advice it would be form, perfect form is so important. It's taken me soo long to get my chest up to par because I had bad form. Once I corrected that, things came much quicker.

  • Adam


Close your eyes Duke!


back picture?


I gave you an 8. I think if you chose to lose weight and get some freaky definition you could look really impressive. At this point I think the muscle you have on your frame is pretty spot on. If you want to go for extremes and look freaky, you have work to do. If you want that look where no one would tell you that you looked like a freaky bodybuilder but no one would deny that you were in fantastic shape, then just dropping fat is what you need.


Yah, I've been concentrating on building my arms up more. I think I took it too far because my tendons are killing! I'd also like to build my chest to a freaky point, although lifting super heavy has been murdering my elbows and wrists lately.