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Me 2.0

Hey Everyone,

I’ve just recently taken upon the task of getting in the best shape of my life. At 24, I’ve only been in what regular people would consider “good shape” for the first couple of years of uni, but a long term relationship and a bunch of excuses later, I found myself at 185 at 5’10".

I have spent the last 2 months working a very simple 5x5 full body program 3 times a week just to get back into it (rippletoe), working on form and the habit of going to the gym as a necessity- rather than a burden. Now I am wanting to switch over to this split program and would like you guys to critique it!

I’ll mention that I’m not doing this split because I’m lifting “huge amounts”-- rather that I understand how important leg work is to gaining muscle mass and not wanting to be too sore and slow for hockey games… I have to stagger it.

Monday - Upper, Hockey (Game) PM
Tuesday - Lower
Wed - HIIT 45 minutes
Thurs - Upper, Hockey (Game) PM
Fri - Lower
Sat/Sun - Medium distance run/hockey practice (90 minutes or more, moderate intensity cardio), other day off.

So far I have these exercises as the core:


DB Bench
DB Overhead
BB Bent-over row/ DB Row
Lat machine


BB Squat / Front Squat
DB Deadlift
Calf press

5x5 everything.

My goals are reducing my bodyweight to <180, benching that, and squatting 225 and DL around that by my 25th birthday- in april.

If you stick with the program and really lift (not just going through the motions), you should have absolutely no problems reaching those goals.

I would take Wednesday as a rest day. Your playing two games and one practice per week. That should be enough for your cardio. No need to do HIIT as well.

I know you’re trying to lose fat, but make sure you eat enough. All the extra activity will take care of the fat loss. Use your measurements and ignore the scale.

Looks good. Second JayP’s advice on taking Wednesday as a rest day (make your workout for that day to get extra sleep) and to force progress in the gym.

What’s your diet to look like?

2 hockey games and 2 lower body days plus a 4minute HIT day.
seems like too much.

overall if youre playing 2 games a week plus a weekend practice, and u have 2 upper body sessions and 2 lower body sessions a week based off a 5x5 template. thats definitely an overkill.

i think the hardest obstacle are youre games during the week, doesnt really allow for must time to get heavy lifting in and be fully recovered for the next game or workout for that matter.