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Anyone know anything about MDX? Is it just a rumor or will this be out soon?

Not a rumor; but when it will be out, I don’t have the slightest information.

Acura MDX? The new SUV? You guys are selling it in supplement form? SWEET!

Damn that would be one hell of pill. I don’t think I could get it down with ust a glass of water.

Will there be new ingredients in MDX that no supplement company has ever used before in a fat burner, if so what are they?

One component is new and proprietary to Biotest. This is the most-especially-key component of MD-X though others are quite important is well. Another is a component which has
been available previously from others in a less-pure form which caused problems for some users, but is now available in highly pure form and so everyone can use it. A third core component has been available before, but by itself, or in combinations it has appeared in before, can’t work as well as MD-X in my opinion though it’s still of some value alone.

Of the “core” components, none are carryovers from MD-6. Two ancillary (but still significant) components are also found in MD-6: one is at the same amount because this continues to be considered the desired amount, and the other is at a markedly higher amount which produces more benefits with no adverse trade-off.

Beyond this I cannot say.

grinning like a little school girl YAY! I can’t wait!

I can’t wait. Been using T2, but want something like MD6. I’ve been buying fat burners from other companies, but nothing compares to Biotest. Be cool to order ALL my supplements from Biotest.

Ihope Bill that it does not contain Yohimbe therefore I can buy it in Australia, Can you say if it will be legal in Australia!

Will MDX be a central nervous system stimulant?

Will T-Nation members get free samples?

Sounds like this stuff is ready to roll. And, since we’re all craving the Behind the Scenes stuff, I received an email from Netrition this morning advertising their “deal of the week.” Point is: the deal is Myostat (@40$), and a NEW formal scientific study is attached to the ad, claiming that Myostat increased hypertrophy by 50% in subjects. The study was released by none other than Testosterone. I think me smells new BTS column in today’s update.