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MDX… What is in it, when will it be here? I know ads must be placed well in advance, but will there be a bts column on friday?

What is this? Where did you see the ad?

Possible MD6 replacement?

how long has MD6 been gone? or is its still obtainable? Not really sure what it is but have seen it in many t-mag articles for cutting? ANYONE?

MD6 was Biotest’s ephedra/caffine, fatburning product. It was taken off the product line a couple months ago. You should be able to find it on various 3rd party nutrition sites. (DPS, etc.)

I have searched back issues for the answer to this question but have been unable to find it. Maybe I am stupid or just plain blind but why was MD6 taken off of the market?

Reason: The (very) possible ban of Ephedra.

And pressures from the FDA, ect.

And pressure from insurance companies. Basically, most insurance companies are charging such a high rate to companies that sell ephedra that they lose money selling it. So they sort of banned it through the back door. Many conpanies have pulled their ephedra products. You still see it on the shelves, but probably not after the backstocks dry up.

I live in Canada…should I stock up on E while I still can? How soon is this ban coming?

Ephedrine and products containing E are already sort of banned in Canada as of earlier this year but only if the doseage of E is above 8mg. Most E I have ever bought was in a 25mg doseage I believe. Consequently even stores such as GNC are stocking E in 8mg tabs which means you just have to take 3 tabs to get a proper dose.

(To Tune of Brady Bunch Theme) …And that’s the way we all got really fucked!

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Don’t take 3 at a time, just use smaller, more frequent doses of E. It actually works better that way anyway.

Where did you see the add?

I certainly hope Biotest will release a new thermogenic soon. I have a three month supply of MD6, and thus far, it is the best Ephedrine containing supplement I have ever tried. I thought I read in the reader mail that Biotest would be releasing a new thermogenic, is this going to be the one? I certainly hope so.