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Mdrol Please Help Me..........

ok i took hdrol about 2 months ago and i like how it changed my body…Now i have decided to try out the Mdrol…now here i need some help…please tell me if the cycle seems ok to u guys…

before i start my cycle of Mdrol i will pre-load on Milk Thistle for about two weeks…and keep on going with it till my cycle is over. Than the mdrol will be like this…10/10/20/20 than every 3 hrs i will be taking Nolva 20/20/10/10. and than after i am done with my cycle i be doing some sert of DAA(D-Aspartic Acid) for about four weeks… Please help me if i did not get somethig right…and please correct me…

why is no one willing to help me??? do u guys know at least what i am taking about?

Prohormones are not my thing.

Use the search function.

Look at the time period you posted in. Most people have jobs during the day. Stop whining.

use the search function?? i dont did a search…now i just want someone to recheck my stuff…I posted it like almost two days ago… And had bunch of people look at it…so if they have time to look at it…they might have time to write about it…anyways…if gona be negative than no reason for u to write crap…if is not about what i have asked…POW

You need an aromatase inhibitor