Mdrol Causing These Issues?

I tried a my first cycle with MDROL for about 3 weeks I think about a year and half ago, I got a small case of gyno and used a pct and treatment for it of nolvadex and letro for about a month I think. I had a serious case of depression and loss of libido during and after the PCT. Afterwards I started almost overtraining, 6 days a week 2-4 hours at least a day at the GYM for a steady 6 months because that was the only way I felt good/normal and relaxed afterwards.

During that period I was went on a complete purge of bad foods and only ate healthy and drank large quantities of protein daily, and only took Jack3d as a pre workout supplement, and nothing else, I lost almost all my body fat and lost 20 pounds, from 157lbs to 138lbs but my strength went up a lot and I had a vastly increased endurance. But I couldn’t get my max weight up to where I wanted it,
bench maxed at 150x10 or 8 average(but couldn’t do any higher than that at few reps)
dead lift at 300x10
squats at 240x15

Now about a year after I stopped working out (went home on leave and just stopped completely) and I haven’t really worked out I have had some erection problems, my depression problems have disappeared as well.

I cannot get as hard as I used to, I used to be able to go for 7 hours straight virtually non stop hard and as cement, but now I don’t feel as virile as I once did. My hair is thinning out, and this is NOT something that runs in my family at all, as of now my Grandpa has a thicker head of hair at 83 than I do, and my Granddad had a thicker head of hair when he died of cancer.

And to top it off, my total T level is super low, but my doctor says is in the “acceptable ranges”!
Total T = 326nm
I took my blood test after a night of working a full midshift, but even then it shouldn’t be so low I don’t think. I also think my balls might have shrunken a bit, I don’t have a reference but I think they may have.

I also took some liver tests, and both times so far my liver enzymes came back high. The first time they came back around 900(after night of drinking) (not sure of range) and secondly came back around 1200(not drinking before).

Is there something I can do to safely kick my T levels back into normal ranges or is it too late?

I know I don’t feel like I used to before the cycle, and I have completely lost all of my gains I made when I was training, i feel lethargic, my libido is down, i’m not sure if my balls may have shrunk, but my erection strength is definitely down(the extreme base is hard as cement but the shaft is not and dissipates quickly). I was about 20 when I started my cycle and now 22.

I am going to try and see and endocrinologist and urologist, but have any of you had this happen to you? I am particularly sensitive to certain drugs such as stimulants and such, mayby my body doesn’t like this type of treatment.

You may want to try a SERM run to raise your testosterone levels.