MDMA while on TRT?

Aside from the obvious risks, I’m curious about what’s likely to happen if someone takes an occasional (once or twice a year) sensible dose of mdma while on trt. Specifically interested in heart, blood pressure dangers etc, since trt can often lead to thickening of the blood. I know mdma can increase heart rate and blood pressure etc but doesn’t it also thin the blood? Trt + mdma = crazy risky or normal risky? Thoughts?

The evidence does not support the notion that erythrocytosis due to TRT increases the risk of cardiovascular events. Even the American College of Urologists came out with a position paper stating such.

Many doctors who recommend phlebotomy will admit that, but still recommend it because while TRT does not cause thrombus formation, one who gets one while on TRT might blame it on testosterone. Some doctors oppose phlebotomy for this purpose. I believe physioLogik is one of them.

It probably wouldn’t do anything much different to you as it would to someone not on TRT.

Your levels are similar to non TRT users.

Now if you’re on a supraphysiolgical dose, I’d think you’d feel even more incredible as you’d probably have more dopamine flowing.

I don’t know.

Ever heard of Zyzz?

JK, I doubt it would be a huge issue. I would start slow though. Lots of people report their reactions to stims to be increased since starting TRT.

Hey mate just wanted to clarify what you mean about “your levels are similar to non trt users”?

Running TRT, your levels should be around normal NON supraphysiologic levels.

Meaning the levels of a man with good testosterone levels. Not one who is pumping large doses of test.

Make sense? TRT is to just replace lost levels, not jack them up to abnormally high amounts.

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Yep makes sense, thanks man. Although I’m still dialling it all in, only been on it for 3-4 months. On 50mg EOD so will find out latest levels in the next few weeks.

deja vu

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