I was just reading about each ingredient in MD6 which I just ordered. Once I got to the yohimbine, I realized that you wrote “theoretically help to aid in fat loss in those stubborn areas” or something to that effect. This worries me because as we know, that which works in theory often times does not work in real life experiences. Are you saying that yohimbine does work in theory, but that’s it. Also, I have used the home-made version of an ECA stack, and would take 2 25mg tabs of ephedrine 1 200mg caffeine pill, and 1 baby aspirin 2-3 times a day. With no real side effects. Would it be O.K. for me to take 3 capsules of MD6 2-3 times a day with any added benefit? I hope one of you @ TESTOSTERONE will field this question for me. THANKS-