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My boyfriend got me some MD6 for my birthday and I just started using it last week. I am also doing the Next Big Three and following a low-carb diet with only one healthy overfeed per week. For all of you that have used MD6, how long did it take you to notice some results?

Right away. I love the stuff. If your diet and training is in order, you will see results very quickly.

Ryno is dead on: If the big pieces are in order, MD6 should make a good impact. If they’re not, then it won’t help much at all.

But, it sounds like you’re on track. That’s an excellent diet and workout scheme.

How are you doing so far, Kittie? How’s Chad’s NB3 feeling? Are you doing any sort of interval training?

I “felt” it right away, probably due to the cafeine and ephedra. As for fat loss, I didn’t notice it much, but I always felt jacked up and full of energy.

As long as your diet is in order, then you should notice it helping to burn up some extra fat after a few weeks.


I have only been on this diet for a week now.  I actually like doing the NB3.  Besides that, on Tuesdays I run for 20 minutes, Wednesdays I do half an hour of Tae-Bo (I'm probably going to switch to something besides that) and on Friday I do sprints.  

For everyone: what was your BF% before and after the MD6? Mine started at 20%, so I guess I’ll just have to wait a little longer to let everyone know what my finishing BF is.

Even though this isn’t the biggest news, but I was a little excited about it. Before I started my new routine and diet with MD6 my bodyfat was 20.7%. After measuring it last night, it was 18.2%. This stuff really works!!

I have used it on more than one occasion while dieting with good results. Although I’ve never been one to get a CNS effect (read: EC buzz, not E-C buzz!), the appetite suppression (due to the 5-HTP) and fat loss has been readily apparent (appetite suppression immediately, fat loss within a week or so). Your plan looks pretty solid; keep up the good work. Be sure to keep us posted on your progess, and don’t hesitate to ask if you need any help.

All the Best, EC