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Where can I find MD6? I can’t find it in the Biotest store. Thanks.

They stopped making it. You can possibly find it in stock in other internet supplement stores.

I think proteinfactory still has some, at least their web site still lists it… Check them out. Only 20 bux a bottle.

Biotest quit making MD6 quite a while ago. Try online supplement companies (Netrition, DPSNutrition) as most of them still have some in stock.

It’s no longer being made. Look for an all new fatburner from Biotest.

what makes md6 so superior to other fat burners?

It’s the specialized propietary blend of herbs and other ingredients that work synergisticly to help you…oh wait that’s the other fat burners out there…look up some old articles on the t-mag website and it’ll tell you all about it , but basically it’s the ingredients of l-tyrosine(mood enhancer/nuerotransmitter) ALA(powerful antioxitant/controls blood sugar) yohimbine(lower body fat reducer)…aw just read the article for the rest, and for the price of MD6 it’s worth it just for the ALA.

dpsnutrition.com has MD6…along with lots of other biotest stuff, including my beloved Androsol.

Here it is superior because of dedication that people have towards the quality, and continuas positive feedback of BIOTEST products. I have seen others containing the same ingredients, it’s just that Biotest has great quality allthetime.