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Hey just a query can you get MD6 in Australia…??? Have just moved here from the UK and still looking for supplement shops etc. Cheers

No. I just tried to bring some in with me from my last trip and they wouldn’t let me in with it. I have to pick it up on my way out next week to take back to the US.

All Ephedra based products are illegal here however they used to allow you to bring in a small amount for personal use…but no longer, they are really cracking down on it.

All I can suggest is a proper diet for your fat loss - you can’t get anything here - even HMB was banned up till a year or so ago (not that it works) and maybe going back on the list.

sorry dude, you’ll find everything funky is banned in Australia, including some essential vitamin and mineral supplements. Ephedrine- based products (like MD6) are around about as illegal as you’ll ever get. A handful of sports doctors will prescribe it, but for every one of them there will be 10 who will throw you out of their office threatening to call the cops.
You can get Biotest stuff, but expect to pay top dollar for it. Andro is illegal, but methoxy & tribex are OK.

Thanks Peter and debo. Been trying to find Biotest stuff for a few weeks now. Debo - which shops supply Biotest and is it worth buying from the website vs in store? Cheers

Depends where you’re living. If you’re in Melbourne, theres the Great Earth stores - they’re the biggest, cheapest places. Evelyn Faye Nutrition is slightly pricier, but they have the best range, with a strong BB’er focus. Additionally there is a company that advertises on the inside cover of Australian flex magazine every month- a mail order company that runs out of Sydney. All three do Biotest, and were the most competitively priced that I could find. Couldn’t help you with websites, sorry. All the best.

If you mean the US biotest website, then you’re out of luck - they can’t ship direct to you in Aussie. Biotest products have to go through their Australian distributor, who has clearance with Customs.

If you are in Melbourne, ‘Health 4 U’ in Chapel Street, Prahran is worth a look. Last time I checked their prices on Biotest were even cheaper than Great Earth, (and Great Earth are pretty competitive). Their prices on Protein Powders are the best I’ve found as well. They advertise in Ironman as well but as ‘BGP Herbal’ instead of Health 4U.

Thanks guys the help is much appreciated. I am in sydney currently so will look around for some decent BB stores (any tips gladly taken) and follow up on the other stores for mail orders. Cheers

LOL! Even HMB is banned? This is ridiculous. Hey guys lets outlaw everything including food. What do these ivory tower morons with dog crap for brains think we are? Sometimes I feel politicians should be banned over anything else. OR at least stupidity should be banned. Oh well planet Earth wouldn’t be planet Earth iwthout the complete moronic dorks who run it eh? :slight_smile: