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Sorry guys if I bought out the last of the MD6.

I wonder… does this mean all other ephedra based supplements soon will be taken off the shelf too.

Heb, you bastard!!!

Well, it looks like I can still order a few bottles. And I need to - I’ve never used this stuff, it seems the time is now for me to try out some MD6. Damn government.

I had 3 bottles at home and bought 10 more…I should be set for the next year or so. It’s a great fat burner but I like it too just to increase WO intensity. I love lifting on MD6. Hope the replacement formula is as good a stimulent.

check some of the online sites like dpsnutrition.com, myvitanet.com. netrition.com, nutripeak.com. i’m sure there’s still penty around.