I was wondering if anyone has had any success with MD6. I am looking at giving it a try. I am kind of hooked on Ripped Fuel Extreme. But MD6 looks pretty good.

MD6 has worked extremely well for me…I stack it with T2-Pro. I probably don’t need to ell you this, but keep the carbs in check and do some cardio. This will accentuate the fat loss. Just popping the pills will lead to a waste of your money.

I think MD6 is a better fat burner than the rest that you’ll see on the market for three reasons:

  1. Alpha-Lipoic Acid (increases insulin sensitivity/glucose tolerance)

  2. 5-HTP (kills carb cravings)

  3. NO ASPIRIN (the worthless stuff in other products)

Thanks for the info. I have one more question though— How does it do as far as intensity. Is it really good for preworkout. I know that some of them like Ripped Fuel, and Dymetadrine are great for preworkout. How about MD6?

Dymetadrine is different,1 pill is supposed to contain 20 mg of ephedrine but i think its more.It also gives me an uncomferatable buzz.Maybe the use different epheride alkoloids?I dont recommend this product.MD6 is a great product,especially when you consider if you were to buy all the ingredients separately,It would probably cost you $8 a day as opposed to $2 for MD6.If your diet contains lots of carbs,then MD6 would probably be better than Ripped Fuel,but if following a low carb diet Ripped Fuel might be better because you dont need the A.L.A and 5HT.

i’ve been dieting for 4 weeks with MD6 and i couldn’t say enough good things about it. I’m the world’s biggest glutton… when i eat, i eat a lot…every chance i got… when i got hungry, the worse i gorge myself… i used to eat 20 peices of pizza at the buffet… 5 roast beefs from arby’s when they were on sale…32 oz. t-bone and never bat an eye. i was worried to death that my strong cravings were going to be the death of me while dieting… i’ve tried Hydroxycut, Xanedrin…etc… none of that worked. but when i took md6 for the first time, and no cravings at all… i take it for 6 days on/ one day off… and out of all honesty, those 6 days i can be strict on my diet and never think about those bad foods !!..i’m in a great mood while on it, i stay 110% focused on my diet, and nothing stands in my way while on it… but i dread that day i don’t take it… usually friday or saturday… damn… the whole world about crashes on me with cravings… i’m thinking about trying to find some 5-htp to help on those days… MD6 works so well for me, so damn well in fact, i’m suprized it’s not illegal… because it works THAT good !!..(oh and the fat burning effects of MD6 are great too… but you don’t have to worry so much about the fat burning effect when you’re already so sucessfull with the diet.)… per my calcuations, based on bf %, water and glycogen loss, i’ve lost an average of 3.5 pounds a week (first 4 weeks)while on that with T2… if they rose the price of MD6 to $75… i’d still buy it…how can they make something so good and sell it so cheap ???.. hell if i could, i bet you the price of a bottle that you’d love it…