Is it ok to take md6 on an empty stomach so that I can use it before a morning cardio session?

Some can tolerate it, some can’t. For example, I love two caps of MD6 (and sometimes a dose of Power Drive) first thing in the morning. Feels better than most illegal stuff I’ve, uh, I mean, Cy Willson has told me about.

But my wife gets nauseous when taking MD6 or any pill on an empty stomach, even a vitamin. Also keep in mind that MD6 can kick in harder on a totally empty stomach so you may need to reduce morning dosage. Be sure and get plenty of water. Most people wake up very dehydrated. Try one cap in the morning and see how it works for you.

Chris is, naturally, correct. I, for one, cannot take MD6 before any sort of physical activity, period. My heart rate shoots through the roof. Seems I’m pretty sensitive to the stimulants.

thanks for the replies guys, I’ll have to toy around w/ these suggestions this wk. and see how it goes.

I don’t usually like to work out (cardio or weights) on an empty stomach. I used to do both on an empty stomach, but I switched over to taking a pre-workout drink (as written about by John Berardi). Basically, it is just something like your post-workout shake would be. I honestly believe you are being counter-productive when doing cardio on an empty stomach. I don’t like to be in a more catobolic state than I already am when doing cardio. Even taking in a small serving of protein would be better than nothing, but I really believe that it is a bad idea to do exercise of any type on an empy stomach.