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I’m a long time user and advocate of the ECA stack both for effectiveness of the stack and for the low cost associated with it compared to other fat burners(I could go through a bottle of xenadrine, ripped fuel, hydroxycut, or the like in a very short period of time). It wasn’t in my budget, but I threw a bottle of MD6 in my cart last week as I was doing my monthly ritual supplement shopping. To my amazement, this stuff rocks! I was cycling the ECA stack as I’m in the middle of a cutting cycle, and I needed to give my receptors a breather. Started the MD6 3x ED last saturday and the fat is just melting away. The CNS surge is much more focused and controlled(less caffeine I guess). I do notice that I get a little flushed when I take it, but other than that I’m very impressed.

My question is: Can anyone comment on the ingredients in MD6 and the thought process behind their combination. They stand out from the other fat burners. L-norepedrine HCL? Guggulsterones? And, I thought Yohimbe was by prescription only. Or is this a different Yohimbe in MD6?

On a side note: I read this site on a daily basis and I’ve noticed things have been getting somewhat watered down lately on this section of the site. I rarely post as I’m more interested in listening and learning from others. I look forward to reading replies or posts from T-mag staff, Mufasa, TEK, Kelly Bagget, and the other regulars “in the know”. It seems most of the questions recently are very “newbie” and could easily be found in the past issues or the paper mag, but the newbie threads seem to get lots of replies and stay on the top of the forum while other interesting questions get no replies or are pushed off the screen by the newbie questions. Nothing against newbies who want to learn, but I find myself spending less time on the forum because there are fewer interesting posts. Maybe its just me.

I can’t tell you much beyond what I have read here, but I can point you to the articles in the previous issues that discuss this. It also looks like you got your hands on the older version of MD6. Here are a couple of Behind the Scenes articles which highlight the compounds in MD6. www.testosterone.net/html/body_md6.html and www.testosterone.net/html/body_71bts.html talk about the old formula. I just did a search using MD6 as the key word. Maybe, you have already read this stuff by the tone of your post, but I’d rather take the chance and point you to these articles. Sorry I don’t have any information beyond what is there or in other articles here.

MD6 is great stuff and the new is much better than the old. Sounds like you got the old. Get the new kind with 5-HTP which kills carb cravings. I also feel better on the new stuff, very eurphoric and energetic, but not shaky. There’s a whole article on 5-HTP in the archives of T-mag. check it out with the search engine over there. I think Brock Strasser wrote it.

Well I’m not a newbie incase your wondering…I post under a different name now (formerly TeddyKGB). I agree, the new MD6 is awesome. The yohimbine in the MD6 is the real deal. If it is sold in doses under 5.4 mg if I understand correctly, it is legal…at least that’s how it used to be. Norephedrine is now banned but some online sites have some of the old formula left. I never got much out of guggul and don’t know too many that are all that fired up about it. Norephedrine is a bit perplexing. Larry Hobbs, an expert on thermogenics, said in a previous interview that norephedrine or PPA is more thermogenic (slightly) than ephedrine but is not as good at preserving lean mass; however many of the experts on here say that ephedrine is more thermogenic. Norephedrine is supposed to curb appetite better but I can’t say that I’ve noticed any difference.

Thanks for the info gentlemen. I think the yohimbe is the ingredient I’m “feeling” more than anything. Anyone have any thoughts on combining MD6 with the ECA stack?

Buddy, i couldn’t agree with you more !!.. this is to be an informative/learning site, which a lot of times it is !.. i’m tired of the Jared/crazy stuff/infomercial posts !! and those get a lot of responses. we don’t learn anything about that… a person never learns anything while he’s talking.

MD6 already has E and C, so a combo with another ECA type product would be too much of a stimulant and probably wouldn’t boost effectiness by much either. Just use max dose of Md6 and add T2-Pro if you want.

DON’T combine the old MD6 with an ECA. The old MD6 contained norephedrine and ECA’s contain ephedrine. There’s a reason you never see a fat burner that contains both norephedrine and ephedrine (or ephedra). They don’t mix. If you do, you’ll regret it. It will leave you feeling totally “fried” and it will take several days for you to recover and feel normal again.