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MD6 while taking a beta-blocker

My doctor wants me to take a beta-blocker for high blood pressure and I was wondering if this whould affect the action of MD6. Thanks in advance.

Mike-Yes, it will definitely interfere with the action of MD-6. One of the active ingredients in MD-6, the ephedra sinica, is a non-selective beta agonist, it activates the beta receptors on your heart, blood vessels, pulomnary tissue, and many other parts of your body. The MD-6 will increase force of contraction of your heart ( what is called a positive ionotropic response) and the rate your heart pumps ( positive chronotropic response). It will also dialate your blood vessels and bronchiole tubes to some degree, which isn’t bad for your condition neccesarily, but the beta-1 effects on the heart are. How high is your blood pressure, how old are you, what is your blood lipid levels ( Cholesterol, triglyceride)do you have a family history of heart disease or stroke, and do you smoke? If your blood pressure is chronically above 140/90, and you have any of the above risk factors, I would say do not use MD-6, or any other fat burner containing ephedra alkaloids. If you just have mild hypertension, are relatively young, and are in good cardiovascular health, I would go ahead and say use the MD-6, and instead of a beta-blocker, have the doc write for a dihydropyradine calcium channel blocker, such as nicardipine, nifedipine, or amlodipine ( Norvasc). These meds control hypertension via a totally different mechanism, enabling you to keep the beta receptors free for the MD-6 use.
By the way, if you decide to go ahead with the beta blocker and discontinue the md-6, be sure and get him to write for atenolol or metaprolol, these are cardioselective beta blockers which much fewer side effects than the older gen. beta blockers (propranolol, etc.) I hope this helped! Good luck!

Mike: DO NOT take thermogenics with high blood pressure! (Stimulants tend to raise blood pressure and/or at least have that potential).