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MD6 vs Xenadrine

I have read many of your responses and submissions and have learned a great deal. Now, I have a question for you. Have any of you tried Xenadrine (by Cytodyne) with what results and can you comapare it to MD6?


I have used xenadrine, and I thought other then MD6 it was the best thermogenic I had ever used. I do think that MD6 is a lot better though. It seems to keep my appetite down more, and it also does not make me as jittery. I like them both, but I would much rather have MD6

If you like that amped-up shaky feeling, Xenadrine, Thermadrene, or (shudder) Hydroxycut all work, and I lost decently on them, but ate doughnuts and cookies and chips, which I don’t normally. MD-6 hasn’t made me tremor, KILLS my appetite and in effect helps me lose better. Also, since it isn’t that shot in the dark herbal bullshit, you know what you get everytime. When I was taking Hydroxy, one bottle would be great, and the next, I’d have to triple the dose to get the same effect. Fuck herbs, give me pharmaceuticals.