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MD6 vs T2 pro

If you could afford only one which would you take during a fat loss program?

IMHO, it rather depends how much fat do you want to lose, and over how long (or short) a period you plan to lose it. If I had to pick only one, and I wanted to lose a lot of fat (10lb+) as quick as possible, it would probably be MD6, since it contains a thermogenic stack, carb-craving reducer and an inhibitor for “type-2” fat receptors to help target the “trouble spots”. T2-Pro works very nicely too, though I have found the effects to be more subtle than those of MD6. If you only had a few pounds to lose, like if you were cutting up for competition, I’d probably go with T2-Pro – but I have to ask; why not wait a little longer, saving your money up until you can afford both? For best results, you’ll need 6x MD6 per day, and/or 3x T2-Pro per day. Both come in 90-cap containers, so each container of MD-6 will last you 15 days, T-2Pro a month. A good compromise might be to buy 2x MD6 (and get one free!) from Biotest, and one T-2Pro, then plan to be on the T-dawg diet for about a month. I think that, if used individually, MD6 is more suitable as a “dieting” aid, while T2-Pro is more suited as a “finishing” (or “cutting”) product. There’s no science behind that statement, it’s just my layman’s opinion. However, I’ve used them together, and the effects do seem to be synergistic; I’m currently experiencing awesome results on the T-Dawg diet using Androsol, Methoxy-7, MD6 and T2. Yes, they did cost a lot to buy all I needed at once – but hey, I planned this diet three months ago, so I managed to save most of what I needed, and the good ol’ credit card bridged the gap :slight_smile: Buying “in bulk” saved quite a bit – and I got free shipping too! Three weeks into the diet, I’ve dropped over 10lb of body fat without losing any lean mass. In addition to losing body fat in general, I’ve noticed a distinct reduction in skin thickness in my arms and face, and the pudgy spots under my bellybutton and over my hips have pretty much disappeared. Not quite the Holy Grail of “Spot Reduction” – but pretty damn close – so, Kudos to the T-mag crew, and Biotest labs: Thanks, guys :slight_smile: Whichever way you go with your supplement choice, Good Luck!

Easy, MD-6. It works MUH better at burning fat through MANY different mechanisms-withthe T2 you have just one really and i’m ot really buying it (T3 is half the price & works better.)
I find more people see better results with stimulants than thyroid hormones when it comes to fat loss.

If you don’t like stimulants, then go for T2Pro. You can use it for long periods of time too. If you can tolerate stims and needs an appetite suppressant effect, go for MD6. Of course a stack is best and that’s what I’m doing. You might can afford both if you go to the netrition site.

Hey guys, thanks for the advice. I’m going to take both along with the t-dawg diet. As for the price… I’m just going to suck it up and deal with it. Does anyone know how long it takes for orders from the biotest store to be delivered?

Depends on where your at, but I got mine(michigan) in 3 days I’m pretty sure.