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MD6 Up for Grabs

I found a bottle of MD6 in my supplement stash. I can’t take it, because it has ephedra in it. As you may or may not be aware, my penis has a severe disliking for ephedra. Thus I do not need the MD6. If anyone wants it, I’ll give it to you for the cost of shipping. PM me.


when is the expiration date on it?

Would this be the old norephedrine formula, by chance? (Hopeful, evil smirk)


P.S. Not trying to step on your toes with the patented grin-in-parentheses, Terry!

MD6 hasn’t been made for at least 3 years. this stuff has to be outdated.

Has it really been three years? Wow. I suddenly feel old.


I’ll check the exp date when I get home.

Someone that knows please answer this: despite the exp date, would it go bad / degrade / lose efficacy? I am not a chemist and thus don’t know. Are exp dates FDA requirements? I would venture a guess that different compounds have very different shelf lives.

But, for example, I know exp dates on some drugs to be bullshit. Just last year I had some flexeril (muscle relaxant) and hydrocodone from 1997 that supposedly expired in 1999. My roommate f*cked up his back. I gave him one of each, and he was flying, so obviously they were still good.


I picked some up at Biotest’s ‘No More MD6’ sale. I’ve had a bottle that I’ll take some, then stop, then take some, that’s been open for about a year I would guess.

I think it has lost a little kick to it but it still works. If I take two I am sweatin and pretty hepped up.

I’m sure the bottle or two I still have sealed up would work even better.

So as long as you are not used to the stimulants I’m sure you will be able to ‘feel’ the effect, signifying that the other ingredients,etc would still be good and are working.

I have several sealed bottles from the end of the MD6 ride and I spoke with customer service at the time and was told they will last far beyond the referenced expiration date. Interestingly though, none of my bottles even has an expiration date on it.