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MD6 - T2 Stack

Hey guys! I’ve gotta say it: my training and diet would be nowehere without T-Mag! I appreciate all the work that you guys put into it (and the fact that you make it free!). Question for someone with some experience: I noticed at Biotest’s site that recommended fat loss stack is MD6-Methoxy-T2. I love the results that I’ve gotten from MD6! I’m just wondering if anybody has tried the complete stack - were the results really better? Can they get better than this? I’ve dropped 30 lbs. of fat in 3 months using MD6 and the Beginner Blastoff Program (along with T-dawg). I understand that T2 is aimed at getting you super-shredded, but I’m wondering it I really need it while I’m at 20% BF (yes, I’m still a tubby bitch - but at least I admit it!). Is the complete stack something I should be looking when I’m closer to single-digit BF?

T2 and T2 Pro basically just keep the fat loss going when it would otherwise stall out. Methoxy-7 helps build muscle and most really like it for dieting to keep you from losing muscle. So, if you’re still making good progress, you wouldn’t have to use either. If you start to stall out or worry about losing muscle, then use them. Or use them now and get posssibly faster results. Up to you. All are very good products. Good job so far!