MD6/T2/Methoxy-7 Results?

Hey guys,
I will be starting the MD6/T2/Methoxy-7 fat loss stack as soon as it comes in. I will be combining it with the T-Dawg diet, weight train 4x’s a week, and do about 4 hours cardio per week. I weigh 194lbs at a horrible 16%bf. I was wondering what kinds of results you guys have had with this stack. Do you think its possible to cut my bf% down to 10-11% in 6 weeks? thanks!!

Good choice of supplements for your stack, probably the best fat loss stack ever created IMHO. Good diet, too. I’d cut back on the cardio, but that’s just me. (I find that on a similiar stack and diet that one or two days of cardio a week is fine for me, but we’re all different.) Also play around with the carbs. I think you’ll find you can make great progress going up to even 100g per day.

You should be able to easily lose 10 to 12 pounds of fat, no problem. You’ll lose some water weight keeping the carbs low so the scale may even show more than that. Stick with your plan and see what happens.

Then I’d suggest you go to a more moderate diet using the food combining ideas presented in the Massive Eating diet. Keep us posted on your progress.