MD6 support group

I saw a Mag 10 support group, so why not a md6. I believe most lifters use this supplement a little more to lean out. No use have all the muscle in the world if there is no seperation of the muscles. Well been taking md6 for 3 weeks, and the results are astonishing. Lost already 14 lbs., since using it, also been doing meltdown training and t-dawg diet. Let me just say this combination does work. What is written really transforms into reality. How many of you guys are using this supplement and what type of diet and program are you on? BTW, I am hooked on this stuff. Is there a side effect if I take it 6 times a week for the rest of my life? Hopefully the genius that created this product could reply. Can’t get enough of this stuff.

I love the stuff too, probably my favorite Biotest product overall along with the low carb protein. But you do need to cycle it. The fat burning effect will keep working but you won’t feel it as much if you don’t take time off. I don’t take it when bulking up and when dieting (read- all summer almost) I take weekends off MD6. I like Meltdown training too and a variation of the T-dawg diet based on the new recs from Chris Shugart. BTW, the guy who wrote Meltdown says he has a new version that works three times better (See his last iron dog column). Should be interesting.

I am actually about to start (Monday) a cutting cycle. I plan on 6 MD6 a day, 3-T2 a day, 3 T2-Pros a day, 6 Tribex a day, M/Vitex, and Androsol 35sprays am only. I am going to Alternate 6 weeks of that with 2 weeks of Mag-10 for the foreseeable future (6-12 months).

Why both T2 and T2-PRO? Why not cycle between the two? Also, you plan to be on adrogens for 6-12 with no break. I know that moderate androsol applications in the am only are not as suppressive, but what’s going to happen to endogenous T production after you are done with all this stuff? Where did you get this plan? It just seems like a kitchen sink approach rather than a well-scripted plan.

I believe Bill Roberts said in a previous thread not to use both T2 and T2 PRO at the same time. Use 1 or the other. Or as Jason said, cycle between the 2. If you use both at the same time, you’ll be wasting your money on the T2 PRO.

Also wanted to add that Biotest now recommends Tribex be cycled 5 days on with 2 days off each week. You’ll have better results.

I combined MD6 with the old T2 and the T-dawg diet. I went from 220 pounds to 196 pounds. I also didn’t lose any muscle and actually gained some. Now I’m doing the don’t diet diet.

Hey guys. I got a question. I’ve tried almost every fat burner, but the only difference is how long it takes me to feel the stimulant properties supplement. Basically, that’s the only effect that I’ve noticed from fat burners. I really have not noticed an increase in fat burning from using them, but I do use them in a fat burning cycle to bring up energy levels and intensity. Most fat burners have either the same or similar ingredients. Anyhow my question what do you guys look for in a fat burner? Like I’ve said the only difference that I’ve noticed is the time it takes them to act. So I use one of those liquid fat burners because the stimulant properties hit me right away. I don’t have to wonder when its going to jack me up. I know the companies that make them aren’t the best or most reputable in the industry, but some days I don’t have 30-45 Minutes to wait for these things to work and again I’ve never noticed an increase in fat burning from them. Everyone may poopoo the companies, but they get the job done. The only problem I see is that some of the liquid fat burners you have to shake up. That really doesn’t sound too scientific as far as dosing goes. What’s everybodies opinion?

You won’t burn fat or lose fat if your not “dieting” to lose fat. You cann’t just pop some pills and expect to lose fat if you don’t change the way you diet and train. If you’re only using ephedra to up training intensity, fine but don’t expect to burn fat with out lowering calories. With proper diet and training, thermos will definately assist fat burning at several levels if done right.

molsonman just curious how long it took you to cut that much weight. Also what kind of workout were you using. I did t-dawg in January along with Meltdown and saw good results. I’ve now been strict keto since monday and wasnt sure what kind of workout to use. I have 3 more weeks till break starting monday which is when I’m starting MD6. I went back to a hypertrophy workout but with no carba I’m thinking that may be useless. Anyways any tips you can give me on how you put on size I’d appreciate it. Thanks

A couple of things, I have inquired and done my searches and Andro at 35 sprays x1 will not shut down production of T, and even if it did. the combo of Tribex and M/vitex would counter it. Tribex has always been a choice between 6 wks on 2wks off, or 5days on 2 days off, since I am planning the 2 weks of MAG-10 and there is no reason to take Tribex durin a MAG-10 cycle I am going the 6wks/2wks route.
I admit I could not find anything saying NOT to take T2 and T2-Pro at the same time, I would be interested to see the post if anyone happens to know where it is.
Either way though, I assure you this is not a “kitchen sink” aproach that I just through together.

It took about 8 weeks to go down to 196. I started off doing sets of 12 with one minute rests between sets for the first three weeks but then I changed to the 5x5 method with 15 minutes of cardio after each workout. I worked out 4 times a week. I found that the 5x5 method with cardio worked much better for me.

I understand that you need lower calories to burn fat. I’ve competed twice. Once without thermogenics and once with. I placed third in my class each time. I definitely prefer with, because of the hit my energy levels get especially during the last four weeks. I gotta be honest I’m not being completely scientific, but there really didn’t seem to be a difference in fat lose with or without the thermos. It was just a hell of a lot harder to suppress my appetite without and to exercise on such a reduced calorie diet. I should restate my question though…Do you have a favorite thermogenic and why?